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The argumentative essay is one of the ordinary essays students are assigned to write. Instructors prefer this task since it forces students to think critically. Furthermore, it tests and improves a student’s ability to defend their point of view on a specific topic.

When composing an argumentative essay or any essay in general, it’s always advisable to create an outline before proceeding to write. An argumentative essay outline is quite essential for students since it acts as a blueprint that they will follow while constructing their papers. Hence, in this text, we guide students on crafting a great outline and why it is essential for their essay.

Why a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Is Essential

Most essays that students write usually are 2-3 pages long, which generally translates to five paragraphs. Writing a five-paragraph essay requires some preparation, such as finding a conducive environment to write, gathering all the materials, compiling research, and finally, creating your outline. Why is a 5 paragraph essay outline critical?

First, it helps a student get their thoughts in order. After conducting research, a student is likely to have much information that may all be difficult to remember. In an outline, you will be able to arrange all the main points in the order they will appear in the essay.

Second, it saves time when writing. Having an essay outline helps students avoid referring to their research each time while they write, which saves a lot of time.

Third, it improves flow. In a college essay outline, a student includes all the major points they will have in their essay. Furthermore, in the outline, a student arranges their points and arguments logically, which improves the flow of the work.

Finally, the outline also keeps a student on track so that they do not fail to include any critical information in their work. It also helps you avoid straying away from the main points during the writing process.

An English essay outline includes all the main sections of an essay, such as:

  • An introduction
  • Body
  • A conclusion

In a five paragraph essay outline, one should follow the following simple structure.

Paragraph 1:

The first paragraph is the introduction of the essay. It is where one is required to provide any background information a reader needs to understand what your essay is about.

From there, have a thesis statement that will provide a clear purpose for your essay. It is usually the last sentence of the first paragraph.

Paragraph 2, 3, and 4 are Body Paragraphs

Each starts by having a topic sentence that has one main idea that supports the thesis statement.

From there, the next few sentences will go into detail through examples and even evidence that supports the main idea. The transitions between paragraphs need to be smooth.

Paragraph 5 — Conclusion

It is where the student reminds the reader of the primary purpose of the essay. It’s also basically a summary of all of the other sections of the piece. It is where one might choose to leave their readers with some things to ponder from the essay, but a student shouldn’t introduce any new ideas in this section.

Crafting a Worthy Persuasive Essay Outline

Persuasive essays require students to produce logical arguments that aim to convince their audience to view an issue from the writer’s perspective. Persuasive essays require an elaborate outline that allows the audience to trace a student’s line of thought properly.

A persuasive essay outline needs to resemble the below example that our essay writers have provided.

Paragraph one is the introduction and entails the following:

  • Here first begin with a hook to draw the reader’s attention and get them curious about your work.
  • Thesis statement
  • First argument
  • Second argument
  • Third argument

Paragraph two entails the following:

  • First argument
  • First Example
  • Second example
  • Third example
  • Transition line

Paragraph three comprises of:

  • Second Argument
  • The first example for argument №2
  • The second example for argument №2
  • A third example for argument №2
  • Transitional statement

Paragraph four should have the following:

  • Third Argument
  • The first example of argument №3
  • A second example for argument №3
  • Third Example for argument №3
  • Transition to the conclusion

Paragraph 5 is the conclusion, and the following should be observed:

  • Rephrase and then restate your thesis
  • Remind the reader of the arguments by summarizing them using different words
  • Clinch it all together with a closing sentence related to your hook in the paper’s introduction

Creating an APA Research Paper Outline

Lengthy tasks like research paper and a dissertation benefit the most from outlines. It is quite natural for a student to get stuck or even forget to include some essential information when writing with these tasks and also papers like theses and dissertations. A thesis paper outline will help a student stay on track, and also it will save time when writing.

Depending on the requirements given by their instructors, a student has to decide whether they want an APA research paper outline or one that follows the MLA format. However, the APA format is most common for students, and that is why we want to ensure that one has the right outline for their APA format essay.

The outline of an APA research essay should also have the three main sections, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, in this case, there are more subsections.

In the introduction, the student has to include these sections in the order they appear problem statement, the definition of terms, your theoretical framework, research methodology, a hypothesis, literature review, scope, and the limitations and significance of your study.

The body section has to include the background of the study and the presentation of the arguments to support the thesis. Have at least three supporting arguments for the position you take. It is also where the analysis and the introduction of data.

In the conclusion section, one is supposed to summarize all their arguments so that they will prepare to present their final stance.

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