The Impact of Social Media in Our Daily Lives

What Is Social Media?

Social media is an electronic tool that serves to connect people remotely at their convenience. Some of the versions of this tool are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among others.


There are several reasons why social media is important in our everyday life as outlined herein:

Reason 1. It helps people to stay tune with their good friends and make some new ones as well.
Reason 2. It helps people share what they are doing or details on where they are with the rest of the world.
Reason 3. It is also an avenue where you can order social media essay online or buy social media essay as well.

What Social Media Are the Most Popular?


The importance of images on the web cannot be overemphasized and that is why Pinterest continues to gain praise as the only platform that has attracted the highest number of unique visits on a monthly basis. It makes use of the pinboard-style which is quite enticing and can be used to collect best images on any topic, even custom made pictures for Edgar Allan Poe poems or Shakespeare sketches. Pinterest is also infiltrating the shopping market even as retailers take to using it.


This tool has become one of the most popular platforms for instant messaging and can either work with data or internet connection to send or receive messages. Other than that, you can send voice messages, photos, and videos too. WhatsApp comes with customized features as well such as notification sounds, profiles, and wallpapers. Better still, you can allow it to connect to the address book on your phone for all your contacts to be transferred to it.


This is the most popular social network on the internet with a record number of active users and those who take the time to log in on a daily basis. Just after WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is the second most popular app in the world, used for messaging. You should also expect the dominance of Facebook to continue in future after its acquisition of Whatsapp.


If you need access to instant news, then, twitter should be your number one choice. Twitter is a microblogging network that allows you to share different kinds of multimedia content through tweets. Many individuals continue to use it throughout the world as they enjoy the aspect of unfiltered feed. It is simply the best platform to discover what is happening in the rest of the world instantly.

How Social Media Influence Us

Social media has both positive and negative influence on individuals.

The Good

  • Immediate access to information

Twitter delivers instant details on what is happening around you and the rest of the world from various sources hence, it is impossible to miss a thing. With this information you could realy quicly find some insights or have a good lesson.

  • A level playing field for business

Previously, for your business to be known you had to invest heavily in advertisements. Contrary to that, nowadays businesses can speak to the world through social media, which is a better option.

The Bad

  • Talk without action

Though social media is an invaluable communication tool, today we see hashtag conversations that cause people to vent on these platforms but no action is taken in the end.

  • Hiding behind anonymity

It goes without saying that many are using social media to hide their identities for mischievous reasons and make lots of clones. Hence, habitual pranksters and trolls have found a haven on this platform.

Where Will Social Media Be in 10 Years?

It is true that in the coming days you should expect a revolution in the world of social media. Some of the things to expect are that businesses will be keen to align their strategies in accordance with social media trends. The other thing that businesses will do is train their call center, staff. That will be in line with responding to Twitter, WhatsApp, and Messenger questions directly sent from clients. This will ensure prompt responses and better customer service for enhanced productivity.

Social media is already part of our lives and we need to embrace it. However, it is important to set boundaries on the extent to which we should allow it to control our lives.

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