The Internet Has Been Overly Commercialized

The Internet has become like a huge billboard for various industries. And the fact of the matter is that we use the Internet every day.

Why Is the Internet so Popular?

The year was 1990; this was the year when the Internet was very recognizable… why? The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee. Public networking then became liberally available in the year of 1993, and since then the number of users that are on the Internet has grown to exponential numbers and continues to grow each year. With how technology is growing and the availability of when, where and how you can access the Internet, it’s no wonder that more people are utilizing the Internet for just about everything that is done. For that point alone, it brings forth a great debatable question: has the Internet become overly commercialized?


Some would argue that the Internet has not become overly commercialized… but in all reality of the matter, the truth is yes… the Internet has become overly commercialized since the date of its conception. At the moment from when the Internet was “born,” the Internet was mainly used by scientist and military officers. The main goal of scientist and military officers being able to use the Internet was to share information that was deemed viable. The purpose of the Internet and them being able to share the information via the Internet was to keep that information safe in case of a nuclear war breaking… they wanted to be able to get that information back. But the Internet became commercialized around 1995… it was something that everyone was using, and with the use of so many people, explosive growth is what the Internet received.

People Are Looking for ADS

Since the Internet had become so popular and growth was a continued trend from it, people knew it was only a matter of time before companies and advertiser began to use the Internet for their own commercial interests. Since there has been so much commercialized content on the Internet, it seems that more and more that is all that a lot of people that use the Internet come for. They aren’t getting online to get or read content… the majority of people that are using the Internet now are getting on to see the advertisements that are being displayed. Most users of the Internet are looking for ads that have something to offer rather than the content that can be found on the Internet.

With all of the content that is readily available on the Internet, it is very easy to get lost in it. Even if your initial goal in getting on the Internet was to look at good content, or to find out some information that you were in search of, with all of the commercialized content that is on the Internet it is easy to get distracted from your initial reason for getting online. But how, you may be asking, has it become so commercialized? It’s not just because of the ads; think about all of the websites that you can visit that promotes movies… or sites that promote televisions shows. You have the sites that are dedicated only to television shows, or the characters that are within these shows. You’re able to see clips of movies before they have come out. You can easily get online and see video games and things that are to come… but what drives this commercialization? Easily put in one word… money.

Commercialization Is Increasing Every Single Day

All things are about money these days. With the majority of these sites, you will find that the more viewers they have to the site, the more money they make. And even if they do not make money from people viewing the sites, the more people that are able to see the site, the more likely they will go out to see the movie when it comes out; the more likely they are to go out and buy the video game once it is released. People are more eager and persuaded to go out and get something they have seen, especially if they have seen it more than once. And with the way the Internet works today… ads are everywhere. The more ad space that is purchased on the Internet, especially if it is brought on several different sites, the more often the ad is seen.

The Internet has become like a huge billboard for various industries. And the fact of the matter is that we use the Internet every day. Whether we are using it for work, or if we’re using it for school… it’s being used, constantly. A lot of our televisions integrate the Internet into what we are viewing… phones use the Internet, and we can easily access the Internet through our phones. The Internet is everywhere we look and is utilized with just about everything we do. Commercialization is here and it is increasing every single day. Yes, the Internet has been commercialized and it grows with each passing second of every day.


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