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Compared to most countries throughout the world, the US is a relatively young country with a comparatively short history record. However, this relatively short period of development is full of a lot of heroic and glorious events that are worth remembering and worth writing about. Every such event or a period in the US history is a subject for hundreds, if not thousands of us history essays. We, at Privatewriting.com, specialize in writing us history papers for our customers. Furthermore, we even offer a free list of US history topics and any student can use when working on his or her own history paper. You can choose any topic you want or need to work on, starting from Independence Revolution to Civil War, from WWII to Vietnam, from 9/11 to the Boston bomb explosions. All these events, no matter how distant in time, are now an unalienable part of US history. Any topic submitted to our writers will be thoroughly researched, discussed with you and then put on paper. We guarantee that in the end you will be satisfied with our product – see below why we think so.

How Do We Work on the US History Projects

We have everything set up in such a way that customers enjoy they experience with us. First of all, we offer means of communication between customer, writers, and staff. Whenever any of the parties has a question or a concern, they can discuss it via the control panel, chat or phone. This ensures that all customers get essays that are genuinely tailored to meet their needs. 100% customer satisfaction, as well as customer privacy, is out top priority. Now, let’s briefly explain how history essays are written here.

The US History Essay Structure

US history papers usually pose a question that needs to be answered or explained. The original essay question is put on the cover page and is then voiced in the first paragraph. Typically, it follows the general essay pattern and contains the introductory paragraph, the body paragraphs, and the concluding paragraphs with a summary of findings. Typically history papers are taking the MLA format, which is often used in the humanities. Therefore, unless specified otherwise, a US history paper, as any other history assignment, should follow the format at prescribed by the Modern Language Association (MLA). In most cases, our history papers will use formal language while retaining impersonal tone. In addition, a list of books, newspapers and magazines should be created and put at the end of the paper. This is what they call a bibliography page and it’s a mandatory part of any MLA history paper.

Once you send us your requirements, we start looking for a suitable writer in the background. For maximum efficiency, we will assign you a writer with extensive experience in history projects. If you were given a topic beforehand, the writer will come up with a rough essay outline and will submit it to you for approval. Once you okay it, work will begin. The writer will use the outline as a backbone and will then put more flesh to the bone by adding factual materials as well as information that explains your topic. The writer will send you a couple of drafts in between to make sure that he or she is on the right track. Once you okay this version, the final version will follow. In order to ensure maximum satisfaction, we require our writers to check their emails at least twice a day and ask our customers to stay in touch as much as possible. In general, we are proud to be supplying quality product to our customers. Privatewriting.com is the service you can trust!



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