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Whenever work on a research paper is started, many customers find themselves in a tough situation, not knowing how to start, what to write, how to do the research, where to look for literature, what format the research should follow and so on, – the list can actually go on forever.

The most logical thing in this situation is, of course, looking for a sample paper that can be used as a model assignment to create your research and/or term papers. A model assignment allows you to see what format the paper should take, whether it should follow the rules prescribed by the APA, MLA or Harvard standard and so on. Of course, looking at an example research paper is much easier than going through heaps of papers that textually describe what you are supposed to do with your research or term paper. For this reason, we have collected a list of free example research papers that you can use as a model assignment while doing your own work. The list includes research paper samples on the following topics:

Please note: All files are in PDF format. You need Adobe Reader to view the files.

Research paper – Business (Bachelor level, 7 pages)

Download Business sample research paper

Research paper – Statistics (Bachelor’s level, 16 pages)

Download Statistics sample research paper

Research paper – Chemistry (High-School level, 7 pages)

Download Chemistry sample research paper

Research paper – Engineering (Master’s level, 2 pages)

Download Engineering sample research paper

Research proposal – Marketing (Bachelor’s level, 15 pages)

Download Marketing sample research proposal

Research report – Finance (Bachelor’s level, 10 pages)

Download Finance sample research report

To view these samples, you will need to download and install Acrobat Reader, a free program that allows you to view PDF files.

The list above is just a glimpse of the products we can create for our customers. If your topic is not on the list, however, you need to get it done, please contact us and we will come up with a tailor-made solution that is a full match of your requirements. All you need to do is fill out the order page, specify your requirements, supply additional information and we will get you a writer with a suitable background that specializes in this kind of research paper writing. Moreover, we will set up communication between the writer and you so to ensure the maximum cooperation and efficiency.


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