Global Warming Is a Myth

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There’s been a very piercing, but vital argument over global warming over the past few decades. As a matter of fact, this topic has become as common as Aristotle’s chicken and egg debate or common math problem. Moreover, the question surrounding climatological conditions and global warming is a matter of valuation according to many international politicians and laymen philosophies. This isn’t a surreptitious subject, the weather conditions in the United States alone have seen a significate shift. Up till now, “Why is this happening?

Global warming and greenhouse effects have been monitored very closely for many years. As technologies have progressed, so has the ability to understand this age old event which has impacted the earth for hundreds of years. From the “save the earth movements” of the 80’s & back to the famous Bio Domes of Henry-John Deutschendorf Jr. (John Denver a Popular American Singer), we are still sifting through the raw data of this event. Consequently, this is still a boundless deliberation that has remained to be unrequited.

Existing Belief Systems on Global Warming

One of the central reasons behind the debate of global warming is variances of belief systems. This indeed affects the way this “real” issue is perceived. For instance, within the political realms of the United States, there are varying belief systems. Yet, despite what many could personally reason there is a strong evidence that supports current changes. This can be exemplified within the documental film Al Gore has supported titled “An Inconvenient-Truth (2006)”. Furthermore, the United States Environmental Protection-Agency (EPA) recognizes the couse and effects of global warming and climate change upon water resources. One of the key states in the U.S impacted by extreme drought and global warming is California. One of the most famous instances of climate change is the transformation of the Sahara Desert. The Sahara was once a rich, fertile and green area. Due to climate change and global warming, studies suggest the region may return to its lush magnificence. It is important to remember that global warming has affected the polar icecaps. The consequences of the icecaps melting can be seen in areas such as Alaska USA.

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Aftermath & Consequences

Numerous studies show the possible aftermath that can happen internationally due to global warming. The consequences scientists perceive to be accurate show many detrimental effects. One of the most common issues that is being monitored incorporates changes of the ecological systems worldwide and local areas in the USA. Technologies such as sonar and monitoring sea levels are not excluded. Global warming has a keen impact on wildlife and their survival as well. A brilliant example of this can be seen in the Alaskan wilderness. Polar bears strongly depend on cooler temperatures, and this includes extended submarine species in the region. Global warming causes a shift in weather and the way individuals survive worldwide. This is as aforementioned exemplified by the droughts in California and other regions in the United States. If the water supplies are dampened due to global warming, this affects the food supplies to an entire nation. Additionally, the domino effect has the potential of being intensified in the near future. Global warming disturbs the weather, ecosystem, and wildlife. Congruently, it can affect economic systems and this includes farmers. For example, if global warming continues due to preventable actions it can affect import and export systems internationally. This is especially true of the agricultural aspects in the U.S.

Global warming and climate change are tough issues. However, “Is it a definite myth?” The evidence can be clearly seen and experienced by many individuals on a daily basis. There has been and currently is quantifiable evidence of global warming being a true fact. Despite few scientific comminutes that have not found sufficient evidence, the tangible proof is clear. Global warming affects millions of lives every day. This includes both micro and macro premises that are connected to this issue.


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