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What Is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is a type of essay written about a personal experience.

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Narrative Essay Example about Barack Obama

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America, is far from a perfect president. But all politicians are immensely flawed individuals – or why else would they try to run for public office? That is another story altogether. Obama is often seen as the first black president of America, though in reality, he is the first biracial president, born to a white American mother and a black African father. It is unfortunate that the color of his skin is even an issue worth talking about. But to be completely honest here, this problem can easily be interpreted that a great deal of the backlash he, and his administration, receives from the white-majority Republican party derives from their own deeply rooted racism: they don’t want a black man in office. But they’d never say that.

People, mostly white, ignorant, elitist Republicans, like to pretend Obama is the Anti-Christ, trying to ruin the United States and take over the world. At the root of this is fear and racism: Growing up, when they thought of what the President of the United States looked like, that person probably, most likely, looked like 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney: a gray-haired white man who walked, talked and thought like a wealthy, powerful white person. Even if Obama haters never ever tell the truth of why they hate him, they know deep down it is because he is not white.

Aside from race, President Obama seems like a relatively good person who means well for his country and countrymen. Yes, he is a millionaire, but he is a low-end millionaire, his money accumulated and earned from a modest president’s salary of $400,000, as well as sales and royalties from his book sales. But unlike multi-billionaires like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Obama cannot be seen as a power-hungry politician. Conservatives always seem to overlook the fact that he can truly identify with the common man – unlike most republicans who just want to exploit the common man.

In the future, once Obama’s presidency has come to a close, he will probably write another book – he has written three – this time about his eight years in office. Readers can imagine he will speak on the agendas of the Right, and how he only wanted to improve the lives of everyday Americans, to improve the country and the world. His book will expose a lot of the conspiracy theories implanted by the Republicans to cast him in a very negative light, claims that are absolutely absurd. It may one day be one of the most enlightening pieces of literature ever written by any president in United States history.

To conclude much can be said about Barack Obama the man – both good and bad. He came from humble beginnings and has become (arguably) one of the most powerful men in the world. But mostly the conservatives, who try to make him out to be an enemy of the state, a communist and social, have rarely treated him like a decent human being. They want to believe – or at least have the public believe – he is an evil traitor, a ruthless Putin-like leader, and not America’s great leader. Nonetheless, he has taken all the adversity quite gracefully, in turn demonstrating why he was elected in the first place. He is a man of class, education, intelligence, diplomacy, ideas, wisdom, and character, and he deserves to be given a chance by the Right. He will still go down in history as a truly great president, a great modern-day world leader. The American people, as a whole, did vote for him – and still, so many people will find any and all faults in him so as to disparage him and his administration. It’s a sad reality that has been tearing this country apart for much too long.


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