What Is an English Essay?

The term “English Essay” doesn’t necessarily imply that this should be some special kind of an essay.

English essay signifies that the essay is going to be related to either English language/literature or will require you to show good command of English, including your ability to analyze, critically evaluate the problems presented and express your thoughts clearly.

An English essay, therefore, is a very general term, which should meet the essential requirements of the essay writing process. You will need to do some research, plan, draft and proofread your essay. Anyone reading your essay will expect to find some kind of introduction, they will expect to follow a logical argument, and will expect there to be a conclusion.

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How to Write an English Essay?

If you follow the methods and structure suggested below your English essay should be easier to write, easier to read, and score higher. Your essay writing process will become a much more enjoyable and valuable exercise than it was in the past.

The Stages of Writing Your English Essay

Stage 1. Research: Read your class notes, texts, and other books.

Stage 2. Plan: Think about the title of your essay and what is expected of you.

Stage 3. Theme/Ideas: Decide what the essay is about.

Stage 4. Structure: Introduction, text, and conclusion.

Stage 5. Drafting: Start to do the writing.

Stage 6. Proof-reading: Check spelling and grammar.

Stage 7. Bibliography: List your sources.

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