Help: Make Attractive Texts with Connectors

Here is a list of words and phrases that are used to connect the sentences, the ideas and thoughts in any type of essays.

Although, to many students, a writing assignment may seem like a very cruel form of torture, writing, in reality, can serve as a very useful tool in developing one’s critical thinking skills, and can help build one’s expertise in using their language.

Also, writing enhances one’s ability to communicate effectively, which is a critical and much-needed skill in the workplace. It is a skill that will, to put it bluntly, help people get what they want in life and in their career. For example, the effective communicator accesses the job interview and lands a good job over the person who isn’t an effective communicator. And there much more exaples where truely good speaker could win a disput even a person with payed paper or speech.

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The same applies to educational writing. When it comes to written communication (especially when writing the major essay types: argumentative essay, or persuasive speech, cause and effect essay, compare and contrast essay or expository essay), the better the student conveys a point, makes a solid argument, comments and presents a well-detailed treatise on a certain subject, the more likely they will obtain a high grade on the writing assignment.

This is usually accomplished through the use of connection words and phrases. Regardless of the kind of an essay, a student is assigned to write term paper, a working knowledge of connection words and phrases (as well as how to correctly incorporate them into a written assignment) is always advantageous. These can help support a claim, make an argument, help to defend one’s reasoning and especially illustrate cause and effect; they help provide a thorough explanation and can certainly persuade the reader to believe or agree with an argument.

Connection/connecting or linking verbs and phrases can illustrate objection or a rebuttal of something (with words like however, but, and on the contrary); they can provide an illustration (for example, for instance), can incorporate transitional phrases for enumeration (first, secondly, next, finally, lastly), and can demonstrate consequence (therefore, consequently, as a result).

List of Connecting Words and Phrases

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Some of these phrases and words begin a sentence, while others are used to connect two separate thoughts – either with the use of a semicolon or well-placed comma, and are therefore inserted in the middle of a sentence.

The purpose Connecting words and phrases Example
To indicate a contrast in comparison; however; on the contrary; rather; alternatively; however; though; nevertheless; notwithstanding; in spite of this; although; similarly; conversely Writing well is a product of hard work, education, and extensive reading; however, some people are natural-born storytellers.
To provide an illustration for example; that is to say; in other words; namely; such as; including; chiefly; mainly; most importantly Prohibition was a terrible, dreadful failure, mainly because it did nothing but make a lot of criminals – namely bootleggers – filthy rich.
To extend a point similarly; equally; likewise, furthermore; also; indeed; above all; as well; in addition It has been said that writer Ernest Hemingway had no other interests beyond violence, and sports; and, indeed, he published several books that confirm this observation
To demonstrate cause and effect, or a conclusion between two notions therefore; thus; hence; as a result; consequently; this suggests that; in short; this implies; in all There have been recent discoveries that amoebas do not leave behind a carbon footprint; therefore it is virtually impossible to determine exactly how long they have been on Earth.
Transitional, to indicate the next step first of all; next; secondly; to begin with; first and foremost; then; finally; ultimately; lastly First of all, Christopher Columbus should not be considered a hero to Americans. Secondly, Columbus was not even the first explorer to discover the Americans.
To summarize overall; in sum; to sum it up; in conclusion In conclusion, this essay examined two entirely different – yet effective – methods of teaching math to fifth-graders.

Connecting words and phrases are very important while writing an academic paper. If you feel you need assistance with the correct use of connecting words in your essay or you need any other help with your essay writing, contact our friendly support team.



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