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Updated: Feb 12, 2016

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The Art of Writing an Argumentative Essay

Being the arguing type isn’t a requirement for writing a compelling argumentative essay. Any writer can get their readers to agree with them if their piece of writing includes convincing evidence. 

Learn how to effectively prove the winning side of your argument by following this helpful guide.

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a writing genre where the student establishes a position on a given or chosen topic, and then uses evidence to persuade the audience to see things from their point of view.

In order to choose and support their position, the student first investigates several sides of the argument, which allows them to make an educated stance. Then, they collect evidence, including facts, statistics, and claims from experts in the topic’s field. In some instances, the student generates and evaluates their own evidence for the proof required to support a side. Remember, convincing evidence is the key point for this esay type. If you experience any difficulties when writing your essay - contact us and get your professionally written essay.

What Makes A Good Argumentative Essay Topic?

In order to write effective pieces, choosing good argumentative essay topics requires much consideration. A familiar topic is a smart choice. This is easier for the writer and can save some of the work since they already have a good starting point for research. Choosing an emotional topic is a good idea, as well. Appealing to the readers’ emotions connects them to the side of the writer and draws them in. One of the best ways to change anyone’s mind is with an emotional investment. 

Here is a list of our unique argumentative essay topics:

Middle to High School Argumentative Essay Topics (Easy Topics)

  •  Should teenagers be required to get their parents’ permission to obtain contraceptives?
  •  Should the number of passengers be limited in cars driven by minors?
  •  Should high school education be mandatory?

College Level Argumentative Essay Topics (Medium Difficulty Topics)

  • When is military force justified?
  • Should parents be held responsible for the crimes of their children?
  • Should academic achievement be a primary consideration for college admission?

Difficult Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is our political process fair?
  • Do athletes make too much money?
  • Can science go too far?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should you believe every word in an infomercial?
  • Should funny cat videos be allowed on YouTube?
  • What is the worst song in the world?

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General Argumentative Essay Topics:

  • Computer games have a negative effect on individuals
  • Sex education is the only way to eliminate many issues, inlcuding teenage pregnancy
  • Are abortions legal?


  • Is the use of animals for research purposes justified? 
  • Cloning should be banned

Issues in the IT Sphere:

  • Some of Google services raise privacy and security concerns for people
  • Download sites violate copyright rules
  • Should YouTube comments be regulated?
  • Internet has been overly commercialized. Agree or disagree? 

Legal Issues:

  • Is gun control an effective method of reducing crime?
  • Is death penalty justified? 
  • Do you believe euthanasia (assisted suicide) is right? 
  • The book “Twelve Angry Men” represents democracy with its flaws
  • Should same-sex marriages be made legal? 
  • Torture is never justified
  • Smoking in public places should be banned
  • Society is becoming over-regulated
  • Legalization of marijuana in some states is wrong
  • Production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal

Social Concerns:

  • Cross-cultural marriages contribute to racial tolerance
  • Single-parent children behavior is different than that of children with both parents
  • Women are less engaged in criminal activity than men
  • Young people are predisposed to negative influence because they are more rebellious by nature
  • Violence in the media causes violence in children
  • Sexual content on TV has a negative impact on teenagers
  • Home schooling is an ideal way to obtain quality education

Ecological Issues:

  • Forests are the lungs of the Earth. Should rain forests destruction be prohibited?
  • Should countries drill for oil in protected areas to reduce gas prices?
  • Global warming is a myth 
  • To what extent are electric cars a solution to global pollution?

Society and the Media:

  • Media influence female perception of the body image. Agree or disagree.
  • Violent video games directly correlate to violence in schools. Agree or disagree.

Miscellaneous Topics:

  • Should cities preserve old buildings?
  • Diets don’t help to lose weight
  • Financial rewards are the only way to gain employee loyalty
  • Life-long learning is no longer required for career success
  • Correspondence Theory of Truth appears to be plausible and defendable
  • Dokdo islands are Korean property and should not be claimed by Japan
  • Ghost hunting is pure fiction 

How Should An Argumentative Essay Be Structured?

The structure of an argumentative essays holds the piece together. The first paragraph offers a brief review of the topic, explains its importance, and shares the essay’s clear and concise thesis statement. After the introduction comes the body paragraphs. This is where the writer develops their arguments and supports them with valid and reliable evidence. The support should be anecdotal, logical, statistical, or factual depending on the essay’s topic. Following the argument paragraphs, the writer shares the opposing views. Ending the paragraph is the conclusion. This paragraph is quite important since it leaves the reader with the most immediate impression. The writer should synthesize the information shared in the body of the essay as they restate the topic’s importance, review main points, as well as review the thesis. No new information should be shared in the conclusion.

How Do I Use Connection Words While Writing An Argumentative Essay?

Transition, or connection words and phrases hold the essay together. They provide flow as they connect thoughts and ideas.

FunctionConnecting Word
Addition additionally; also; and; as a matter of fact; as well as; equally; equally important; furthermore; identically; in addition; in the first place; like; likewise; not only…but also; not to mention; similarly; together with; too
Contrast above all; after all; albeit; although; although this may be true; as much as; be that it may; besides; but; conversely; despite; different from; even so/though; however; in contrast; in reality; in spite of; nevertheless; nonetheless; notwithstanding; of course…, but; on the contrary; on the other hand; or; otherwise; rather; regardless; whereas;
Cause or Purpose as; as/so long as; because of; due to; for fear that; for the purpose of; given that; granted (that); if…then; in case; in view of; in order to; in the event that; in the hope that; lest; only/even if; owing to; provided that; seeing/being that; since; so as to; so that; unless; when; whenever; while; with this in mind
Examples or Support another key point; as an illustration; by all means; chiefly; especially; for example; for instance; for this reason; in fact; in other words; notably; specifically; surprisingly; to point out; truly
Consequence or Result accordingly; as a result; because the; consequently; due to; for; for this reason; hence; in effect; in that case; since; so that; therefore; with the result that
Conclusion / Summary / Restatement after all; all things considered; as a result; as can be seen; as shown above; consequently; for the most part; generally speaking; given these points; in conclusion; in fact; to summarize;

As you can see, writing an argumentative essay can be quite an interesting project if you follow the guidelines shared here. Should you find yourself in need of assistance during the writing process, we would love to help. Please place your order here and we will jump right at it, with a guarantee that your essay will come up top quality, original and right in time!

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