Our satisfaction guarantee includes a number of steps taken to ensure the quality of service on all orders and for all customers. Such steps include: selecting writers according to their level of proficiency and experience, constant liaison, monitoring and support of all stakeholders involved in the process.

Writer selection is the key to the success of the project. We take this step with due responsibility and will never assign a serious project to a writer without a background in the same sphere or prior work experience. In addition, work on the project is being monitored by our quality supervisors.

All writers without exception are required to check their mail at least two times a day and keep customers informed about the overall progress of the paper. Upon request, a representative of our support team can follow up with a call to ensure timely progress updates.

Customers are able to communicate with their respective writers via control panels, allowing them not only to exchange messages but also to upload files, set papers on revision and communicate with staff. The number of revisions is unlimited over the 20 day period, allowing you to set as many revisions as you deem fit. We will continue working on the paper until you are satisfied with the outcome!

All the above-mentioned steps ensure the quality of the end product at privatewriting.com and guarantee your customer satisfaction.

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