Our Values

Legal Business

We are an official business registered in the United States of America. Unlike most our competitors, we are located on the territory of the US, pay our taxes and conduct our business from here. Our principal business address is:

12601 N Cave Creek Rd, Ste #111
Phoenix, AZ 85022
The United States of America

Being a legal company means additional protection to our customers, giving them that extra layer of security and the guarantee of honest business.

Success Through Quality Academic Service

Our ultimate goal is to provide you top quality academic assistance that allows you to quickly learn and cope with your most difficult academic tasks. Our expert writers help you to shorten the time required to learn new stuff by providing model assignments. Our service also provides quality educational materials that allow you to effectively master the skills you need to acquire. These materials help you to work on your own assignment, and if you need our help – we are here to assist.

Unparalleled 24/7 Customer Support

We believe our customers deserve best customer support there is; this firm belief is the main reason for us to invest time and effort into maintaining consistent and professional customer services. All of our support reps have been in this business for 3+ years and can professionally work through any situation, starting from order placement to receiving the completed product. We are available via phone, chat, email or direct messaging.


We believe in the power of technology and innovation. We also constantly monitor new technologies, leaner processes or other innovations to ensure maximum performance and customer experience. We have managed to drastically reduce load times, ensure 99% uptime, implement new, user-friendly design patterns, and even more. As soon as some new know-how appears, you will most likely find it implemented here.

Secure Servers

PrivateWriting.com in particular is hosted on five servers in a redundant setup, located in a high-security facility in Phoenix, AZ, behind our own corporate firewall. Our developers and staff do not have access to customer-sensitive data, such as customer addresses and credit card information. This information is kept elsewhere in a separate database, with write-only access (no read-access) for PrivateWriting.com server. In other words, in an unlikely event of a hacking attempt, the intruder will only receive access to message history, but no other information will be recovered, because it is not physically accessible.

Flexible Discount Systems

We value our customers and gladly offer them accumulative discounts together with premium service and customer support. Discount rates will go up with every order you place and reach as high as 20%. In addition, there are personal discounts that allow our customers to save even more. If you are a new customer and want to get your individual discount, look for promo codes on the Web to get up to 15% off instantly!

Customer Privacy above All

To say that we take privacy seriously is to say nothing. We use complex technology to make sure that all customer data is properly encrypted and stored in a safe place without a slightest chance of unauthorized access. No one will ever know who you are, where you are from, what your contact information is; and we encourage you to never give this information to anyone. Your privacy is in our name.

Authentic Writing

All papers we provide are checked for plagiarism within 24 hours after upload. This ensures that all papers created by our writers will be thoroughly analyzed by our anti-plagiarism module and only authentic writing will be delivered to our customers.

Customer Experience

We are constantly working on ways to enhance customer experience. Customized control panels, direct communication with writers and staff are just to name a few. These tools allow customers to quickly and effectively work on papers and add control the writing process. We believe that communication with the writer is the key to an excellent product. One of the recently introduced features is the RefTool – a fully automated referencing web-service that creates the bibliography page and allows you to download the end product in an MS-Word format absolutely free of charge!

Professional Writers

We only hire professional writers with at least MA/MSc degree who have a flare for writing and experience in the field. All our writers are experts in one or two subjects. This allows them to concentrate on just their areas of expertise, which results in quality product and customer satisfaction. We will only assign you writers with suitable backgrounds to maximize quality of product.

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