Our Servers

Our technical staff has many years of combined professional experience in IT security and data safety. We were using dedicated servers back in 2005 - when other players of the industry had their websites on shared hosting servers, sharing it with hundreds of other insecure websites. Some of them were using separate IP addresses for every website to hide the fact of being hosted on the same server. From the day our company was founded, we realized it was time to gain professional strength in our data safety. Significant resources had been invested in data and information security, and after nearly 6 years of successful operation, we own 26 physical servers in four data centers in three different countries. All of them are utilized to run websites that we operate, including PrivateWriting.com.

PrivateWriting.com, in particular, is hosted on five servers in a redundant setup, located in a high-security facility in Phoenix, AZ, behind our own corporate firewall. Our developers and staff do not have access to customer-sensitive data, such as customer addresses and credit card information. This information is kept elsewhere in a separate database, with write-only access (no read-access) for PrivateWriting.com server. In other words, in an unlikely event of a hacking attempt, the intruder will only receive access to message history, but no other information will be recovered because it is not physically accessible. 

Servers are located in a locked cabinet and are accessible only by an authorized company technician via an IRIS-scanner and a datacenter-issued badge.

We treat customer privacy with utmost respect, that is why we provide you with these extra layers of security. It might sound like it is expensive technology – well, it is. But used in the same premises as our other servers, it actually costs about the same as renting dedicated servers. As a result, we offer you bullet-proof security for your personal information at the same price as other companies. One of the reasons we can do it is because we live here in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States and can visit our datacenter in person, – unlike other companies and/or websites, who claim to be conducting business from the United States but are in fact located elsewhere. Lack of physical presence only allows them to rent a server, so in order for them to look legitimate, they host their website on servers within the IP block of the United States.

In addition, please keep in mind that you can never be sure about privacy and data safety when dealing with companies that host their websites on rented dedicated or shared servers. You never know who has access to their files and can gain access to your information. Imagine a large hosting company with dozens of technicians who can swap a hard drive claiming it was in fail-state while taking it home and reading its contents. Or imagine someone who has a server in the local network, that is copying all the traffic from a dedicated server (also known as "sniffer"). There are many ways to access information on a server that is physically accessible to a third-party.

You may have noticed that our website works extremely fast. Not only it loads quickly, but it also responds quickly as well, especially when it comes to using the control panel, downloading and uploading files - the most important stuff. That is because we take pride in our knowledge, and everything we create.

We cannot afford a single failure - your privacy is in our name, so rest assured: we are confident in our technical back-end and our experience.