There are numerous cover letter writing services where individuals hire companies that write online. A cover letter is the first point of contact with the prospective employer, therefore, it needs to make them want to meet with you for an interview.

What Is a Cover Letter?

Cover Letter is a piece of writing that accompanies your C.V. when applying fro a job. It introduces you, highlights a few of your skills or experiences, explains the reasons for your writing and requests for a personal meeting with a potential employer.

Types of Cover Letters

A brilliant cover letter can help you get the job interview as it demonstrates your written communication skills. Cover letters differ depending on the situation in which one is applying for the job. The cover letters include:

The Invited Cover Letter

When applying for a position that has been published or advertised, this is the type of letter to use. The publication may be on the company’s website, newspapers or any other notice. One is required to mention where they saw the ad.

T-Format Cover Letter

This type is used in matching specific requirements of a job with the applicant’s qualifications. This is wherein the content of the letter on one side one writes the required qualifications as listed by the company, and on the other side, one writes the qualification they have to meet the required in a T- format.

The Referral Cover Letter

Informational networks and interviews may be the means through which one got to know about a job. This is the type of letter to use in such kind of a situation. When writing the content of the letter, one is required to write from whom he/she learned about the job position for which they are applying.

Cold-Contact Cover Letter

This type of a cover letter is used to contact employers who have not yet published or advertised any job openings.One may decide to conduct research through surfing on the Internet to find out a company then bump into career options that much their own qualifications. This is the type of cover letter to use when applying for the job.

Cover Letter Structure

A typical cover letter has three parts which are the opening, the body, and the closing. At the opening paragraph, you are required to state the reason for writing. A brief description of yourself is also required to give the employer an idea of what position you are applying. This could be your name and level of education or something you accomplished in the recent past like graduating with an undergraduate degree. You also need to mention how you learned about the position you are applying. If it is through advertisement mentioning the place and date you saw the advertisement, and if its referral, mention the person who referred you to the job.


The second part which is the body needs to be two to three short paragraphs. In the paragraphs, you are to mention the most relevant points from the enclosed curriculum vitae. The purpose of this is to complement the C.V rather than restating what it says. It is also advisable to mention the skills relevant to the position you are a seeking so that you can get the attention of the reader. You also discuss why you want the job and how your education is relevant to the position you are seeking to fill. Explanation on what contributions you will make to the organization is mentioned here. One main idea should be in a paragraph of its own.

The last section, closing section is where one requests politely for an interview at the employer’s convenience. For cold-contact letters, you are required to state the date and time you will call to follow up on the application. This is also where you indicate what supplementary materials you have attached to the letter. In concluding you thank the reader and indicate you are looking forward to hearing from them.

The letter should also have your address at the top and that of the prospect employer and the signing of at the end of the letter where you indicate yours sincerely for a known prospect employer and yours faithfully for the unknown.

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Writing Tips

TIP 1. Do not rewrite your resume. Most people repeat what is already on the C.V. a cover letter is meant to complement the resume.

TIP 2. Talk about some impressive attributions of the company and what inspired you to want to join the company.

TIP 3. Be relevant and brief.

TIP 4. Sign the letter. This shows some authenticity of your letter.

TIP 5. Make sure your letter is clear and neat where there are no typing errors.

Hiring Professionals to Write a Cover Letter

There are numerous cover letter writing services where individuals hire companies that write online. A cover letter is the first point of contact with the prospective employer, therefore, it needs to make them want to meet with you for an interview. Professionals who write online have the experience and can write the letter that captures all that is needed to make the long lasting impression.



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