Top 10 Tips On Saving Your Time

Top 10 Tips on Saving Time as a College Student

Often as a college student, there is never enough time in a day with all the juggling between classes, homework, study sessions, family time, work and a little fun. To be successful as a student, it’s important to learn how to manage the most critical resource, which is time.

Here are 10 tips to help students get a grasp on the busy college life, so they can save time and reward themselves with a college degree as soon as possible.

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2. Set Priorities

Note the most important tasks and tackle them first even if they are things you would usually dread to do. When you start each day by organizing your tasks and knowing ahead what needs to be done, you will achieve a new level of productivity you never thought possible.

You can use simple apps that let you create a daily list of tasks so you will never forget a major task or miss a deadline like homework or test dates.

3. Study Smarter

Some students study really hard but only get average results while others invest half the amount of time and get outstanding results.Well-performing students don’t necessarily study for long hours, but they study smartly.

Develop a study game plan to allow you to direct your focus on what is important. Make a summary of what you read, join a group discussion and organize ideas in a way you can recall (memory retention strategies).

4. Know Yourself

It helps knowing when you function best as a learner so that you can make the best use of the time you have. Some people perform better in early mornings while others prefer to stay late. Whatever kind of person you are, you will achieve better outcomes if you schedule your classes and study sessions around your preferences. Reserve peak times for more intensive tasks and low concentration times for less intensive tasks like copying notes or typing assignments.

5. Find a Way of Doing Things Faster

Many times as college students you waste time doing things for longer periods than you normally should. You can figure out a way of getting things done faster may be by multitasking and getting a couple of things done at the same time. For example, you could listen to your recorded lecture notes while folding laundry or doing your nails.

6. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination only results in wastage of time and energy. Stay dedicated to what you have set out to accomplish and don’t push it for later. You have so much to lose with continued inaction so it’s better to get done with it when you can.

7. Be Healthy to Improve Productivity

What you eat affects your productivity. Eating a well-balanced diet will significantly boost your energy levels so that you stay productive throughout the day. Your moods will greatly be improved while keeping you in top physical form to carry out your errands efficiently.

Remember to get enough sleep and clear your head by engaging in fun activities for a more engaged mind when doing school work.

8. Do Away with Distractions

You may want to consider eliminating certain distractions that eat away at your time. Television, mobile phones and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are typical time wasters we dwell on.

Check on such distractions in moderation making sure you take a break completely when doing important tasks like studying or doing assignments.

9. Use Spare Moments

Always put something you can study in your bag or save it on the phone so you can take advantage of those long hours you spend waiting in lines, stuck in traffic or eating alone. During such times, you can also memorize, review or reflect on what you have already covered.

10. Be Flexible in Your Routine

Many times things will happen that you hadn’t seen coming. It is critical for adult college students to have a flexible mindset and flexible schedule to help manage unforeseen circumstances.

Flexibility and adaptability will enable you to be in a better position to make the most use of the available time. Therefore don’t wait for longer free hours so as to meet with your professor but get it done in the time you have, even between your commitments.



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