Sex Education is the Only Way to Eliminate Many Issues, Including Teen Pregnancy

Sex Education – Teach It!

Every society has its array of problems. Rape, incest, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are just a few examples of societal issues regarding sexual intercourse between human beings. Thankfully, sex education is incorporated into many curriculums all over the world – teaching preteens about the birds and the bees, about the reproductive systems, etc. – and it’s certainly effective in cutting down on these problems; but sex education does not and cannot on its own eradicate rape, incest, teen pregnancy, and STDs; it needs the help of two other elements, as well: 1) Legalizing prostitution between consenting adults should not only be legal but encouraged. 2) Every school district in the world should teach middle and high school students personal finance, success planning, and entrepreneurial skills.

A World Void of Sex Education Would Change the Way Humans Live

Sex education is certainly a big piece of the pie. Without it, there is no direction in which to steer one’s life; a world void of sex education would change the way humans live – people’s lives would be entirely reactive, rather than proactive. With no sex education, it would be normal for 13-year-olds to give birth; or for men to rape others; for people not to practice safe-sex methods and use contraceptives, and then get abortions as frequent as flu shots, or even contract and spread sexually transmitted diseases like colds. But, no – we in America begin sex education generally around our fourth-grade year in school, just a year or two before puberty sets in. There may be some Family Health segments in the middle-school curriculum, but by the time we enter high school, we no longer see sex education in the classroom. That is a problem in the effort to eliminate these major problems that most societies face.

Do you want to eliminate these problems in society? Then also legalize prostitution for adults, age 18 and up. The world should use the Netherlands as an example. Cities like Amsterdam have “red light” districts, with prostitutes, exotic dancers, and peep shows. The government regulates the field like any health job – with health checks, certain health standards, and codes, and so on. If countries were to enact laws legalizing prostitution (the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment), then the number of rapes, instances of incest and STDs would plummet. When adults have quick access to sexual intercourse, they satisfy a powerfully motivating instinct, one that too many people cannot reason within, and so they rape others; or people (teens included) have impulsive, random sex with strangers, then contract AIDS. In addition to sex education, legal prostitution would eliminate many problems in society. It should be legal and even encouraged, especially when it comes to sex-hungry young adults.

Sex Education Doesn’t Solve Everything

In addition to sex education, school systems should also incorporate courses that teach middle and high school students the principles of success, of life planning, goals, business and entrepreneurship and personal finance. This would help cut down on, if not one day completely eradicate, various societal problems – such as teen pregnancies, for one, because it would encourage and train students to look way into the future to see what kind of life they wanted to live, the career they wanted to have, the person they wanted to be. They would see their future and make goals for success and develop a plan that gets them to this objective – and most times, they will see that having a child too young and starting a family before they even finish college is a life full of financial and emotional strain. These courses would help students take control of their lives, planning them out step by step and making goals for themselves to ensure their success. This would certainly cut down on problems like teen pregnancy and unprotected sex.

Let’s conclude this argument by saying once again that sex education is of course an effective method in preventing such issues like teen pregnancy, but there is more to it than that. Equally important is the legalization of prostitution, which would cut down on rape, incest and other sexually related crimes: people would have the option of paying for their sex, and it’s more humane than them taking their sex, stealing it from the protesting bodies of unwilling people. Also, when we teach young people how to have success, they don’t make bad decisions, such as an unwanted pregnancy.


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