History Research Paper

What’s the difference between a history essay and a history research paper? Read here to get the answer.

What Is a History Research Paper?

A history research paper differs from a common history essay by requiring greater effort while doing background research, organizing structure, reviewing the literature and so on. These factors are actually lying on the surface, but if you dig deeper, you will see at least a dozen other parameters that need to be taken into account. Unlike a simple history essay, which only requires proper structuring and language, research papers on history topics require a more substantial approach, which will be discussed further. Although the topics below are aimed to write a history essay on, they may serve you as good ideas for your research paper topic:

50 Ideas for History Essay Topics

General Tips for Writing a History Research Paper

1. Select a topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow. The pitfalls of either choice are obvious: if the topic is too narrow you will have nothing to research or write about.

2. Present an argument. Your research paper should be designed in such a way that it should give your opponents the chance to ask questions. Your role is substantiating your claim by referring to the background research. The quality of your argumentation will determine the overall success of your paper.

3. Rely on primary information. Your history project should rely on primary sources and thoroughly analyze secondary information. History projects require that you work with primary facts and then interpret them, showing your judgment and analysis. Again, don’t forget to back up your claims with facts and research.

4. Think of a title. Think of a good eye-catching title for your paper, it will provoke readers’ interest in your paper, – at least on initial stages.

5. Consider your opposition. You take into account the audience you are writing for and write having your specific audience in mind.

6. Use proper language. Research papers require a use of formal language, don’t allow any slang, contractions and also demand that the overall voice of your research paper remains consistently objective throughout the text. Needless to say that your paper should be proofread for errors, should contain no mistyped words and flow nicely.

7. Don’t forget formatting & structure. The structure and format are generally dictated by the writing format. Depending on whether you have APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard standards to follow, you should modify your paper accordingly. The writing standard will impact almost everything in your research paper, starting from your cover page and formatting to referencing and the bibliography page. Therefore format should be paid great attention to from the start.

Bear in mind the above-mentioned tips to write your research paper on history. If this writing task is too complicated for you, we are here to assist you. Visit our Order Page for details.



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