What Is a Management Essay?

The notion of “management essay” can be easily derived from the separate notions of “management” (i.e. the art of administrating all business activities that allows an organization/individual to achieve set goals within a specified time frame and with limited resources) and “essay” (a short piece of writing that is elucidates a point or question and may or may not include author’s personal viewpoint).

So, summing up a management essay can be understood as a piece of writing dedicated to one of the key management elements: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling an organization.

Management essays may be of two types:

1. Objective (particularly, when a scholarly investigation is required).

2. Subjective (providing students’ solution or explaining their understanding of a key issue required).

Looking for an essay on management? Here is a good management essay example:

Difference between Leadership and Management

Management Paper Structure

A management essay takes a structure that is generally prescribed to 5 paragraph essays: it must begin with an introductory sentence where a problem is introduced to the reader; then two or three body paragraphs should follow elaborating on the original question. The essay should be closed with a conclusion that echoes the introduction and sums up the body paragraphs.

More information on essay structure:

How to Write a Well-Structured Essay

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