Lifelong Learning Is no Longer Required for Career Success

Read why lifelong learning is not considered to be important in career development like before.

People associate learning with formal education. People are taught the essence of a getting the highest form of education. Formal education is considered an important factor in determining how successful a person will be. In the society, people accord more respect to the person who has formal education since they consider them to have higher chances of being successful in life.

When applying for jobs, employers first look at academic qualifications to determine the academic position of the applicant. However, as much as lifelong learning is considered important, there are other factors that contribute to career success.

Creativity Does Not Depend on Academic Qualifications

Lifelong learning is not considered to be important in career development like before. Employers are not considering credentials to be essential when hiring employees. Additional skills are being looked at, and those who are more rounded are considered to have higher chances of being successful in their careers.

If a person has a creative mind, they might get successful by using their skills. Artists, do not rely on their education but become successful mainly because of their skills. Creativity does not depend on academic qualifications but on how far a person is willing to go with the mind. In entrepreneurship, lifelong learning is not in the top things that make them successful. The top contributing factors to business success are:

  • Being visionary and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Doing things at a fast pace and not wasting time doing irrelevant research.
  • Being determined despite the challenges that come in the way.

Pay Attention to the Details that Contribute to the Bigger Picture

People who are busy learning all the time tend to miss opportunities that present themselves. Opportunities are available to those who seek them, and lifelong learning prevents people from recognizing these opportunities, and they miss out on the chance to build their career.

People who are critical thinkers will take advantage of these opportunities as they present themselves. They will become more successful since they do not rely on constant learning and pay attention to the details that contribute to the bigger picture. Those who do not rely on lifelong learning have certain characteristics.

  • They are creative thinkers and are always coming up with new ideas.
  • They are innovative.
  • They are open minded and work well with others.
  • They focus on the things that interest them and play to their strengths.
  • They are quick to adjust to any changes.

Practical and Industrial Experience

Those who support lifelong learning claim that it provides people with more opportunities to excel in their careers. Life-long learning provides people with education and literacy that is necessary for career development. Some careers require high education levels to excel in them. Life-long learning is not only formal education but also includes practical and industrial experience in the relevant fields. Some of these careers requiring high levels of education to excel are in the following fields:

  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Mechanics and others that require in-depth learning

Lifelong learning also enables one to have a broad range of thought making them adapt easily to different environments. Also, the society is more likely to respect a person who is more advanced in their level of education. Through lifelong learning, one has more career opportunities available to them and can use this to get the job they want.

Is High IQ a Guarantee of Academic Success

Lifelong learning still continues to be an important contributor to the career success of an individual. However, it is important to find balance and not rely wholly on it as there are also other things that influence success. Career success should give a person the chance of doing the work they want and having a comfortable life. For some, this is achieved through lifelong learning while others achieve it through utilizing their skills and talent.

Both educated and non-educated people can be rich and successful. It all depends on how well they can balance and their determination to become successful in their relevant careers. Being well rounded will ensure that a person has control over their career and will be in charge of advancing in their careers. Career success will no longer depend solely on the level of education but on the additional qualities of the person.


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