50 Ideas for History Essay Topics

Being given the freedom of selecting a history essay topic looks quite appealing at the beginning, but can become perplexing as you get to it. Of course, selecting a topic for a history essay is a relatively easy assignment, but, in order to get a high grade, you will need some essay topic ideas. We have therefore created a list of good history essay topics, broken them down to respective time periods and now suggest that you use them to work on your own history paper.

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History Essay Topics: A Great List of 50 Topics 

Ancient Egypt

  • Describe State Organization of Ancient Egypt
  • Society in Ancient Egypt
  • Work Organization in the Middle Kingdom, Ancient Egypt
  • Development of Ancient Egypt
  • American Discovery of Ancient Egypt
  • Gods and Religion of Ancient Egypt
  • Housing and Architecture of Ancient Egypt
  • Geography and Agriculture of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

  • Culture and Art of Ancient Greece
  • Athenian Legends
  • Philosophers of the Ancient Greece
  • Architecture of the Ancient Greece
  • Myths of the Ancient Greece
  • Greek Pantheon & Religion
  • Agriculture in Ancient Greece
  • History of the Acropolis

Ancient Rome

  • Rome Foundation & History
  • Conquests of the Roman Empire and Their Impact on other Cultures
  • Key Factors in the Downfall of the Roman Empire
  • Role of Julius Ceasar in the Life of the Roman Empire
  • Organization of the Roman Army
  • State Governance within Ancient Rome
  • Religion and Gods in the Roman Empire

Middle Ages

  • Middle Ages: The Era of Advancement
  • Life and Death in The Middle Ages
  • Knights of the Middle Ages
  • Compare Middle Ages vs. The Renaissance
  • Crusades in the Middle Ages: Reasons and Consequences
  • Literature and the Middle Ages
  • The Church in the Middle Ages. The Holy Inquisition
  • Middle Ages Economy

US History

  • Atlantic World Before Colonization
  • Colonial Era in the US History
  • Describe Interactions Between Whites and Native Americans
  • Impact of Puritanism on American Values
  • Reasons and Consequences of the Indepence War
  • George Washington in the American Revolution
  • English Society During the Age of Colonization
  • The Great Depression
  • Old city buildings
  • World War II
  • Vietnam War

History of Latin America

  • Pre-Colonial Latin America
  • Aztec & Maya Empire
  • Latin America: Colonial Era (1521-1810)
  • Historic Cities of Latin America
  • The Colonization of Guatemala
  • Independence of Latin American States: Haiti, Brazil, Mexico
  • Mexican American War
  • Abolition of Slavery
  • 1989: US Invasion

We hope these history essay topics will be helpful in working on your history paper. The list of topics on this page is far from being complete due to the extremely large number of choices. We have attempted to provide general ideas of history essay writing, and we hope you find them useful. If you haven’t seen your topic on the list, you can always contact our support team and order a custom written paper on your specific history topic. Our writers will come up with a top-notch paper tailored exclusively to meet your needs. PrivateWriting is the service you can trust!

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