May We Become your Assignment Editor?

We edit and correct assignments in English following grammar rules, academic styles, and high-quality standards. Our company is a registered organization with permanent staff. The order is carried out by certified editors and proofreaders. Over the years, we have provided assignment editing to hundreds of students from 21 countries, improving thousands of assignments on various topics. We have more than 100 reviews about our service.

We created an optimal process technology for assignment editing and quality control. We work responsibly and scrupulously. Changes in the text that were made by our editors are visible due to the mode of recording corrections. We explain any revision with reference to dictionaries or directories. Our company respects the confidentiality of our clients’ data.

What We Include in Our Services?

An assignment should be competent, coherent, understandable, consistent with the topic and the chosen functional style. The editor primarily monitors compliance with the norms of the English and performs style editing remarks. However, the main task is checking not only grammar mistakes and the style, but also improving the logical structure and the coherence of each paragraph. Additionally, editorial services include the right disclosing of the topic s questions, and the other issues related to the text.

What is the responsibility of the editor?

  1. 1. Grammar (word formation, morphology, syntax).
  2. 2. Correcting vocabulary, proper usage of the words.
  3. 3. Removing style mistakes.
  4. 4. Improving the coherence and logical structure.

If some speech (tautology, pleonasm), grammatical and logical mistakes are detected, the editor will correct them. However, our editors can correct speech errors variously: the best way is taking into account the context of the assignment.

What Will the Editor Change in Your Assignment?

If you are asking us “rewrite my assignment”, yes, our editors can do that! The main principle of our work: the text s author is responsible for the content and the general approach to the presentation of the text. The editor preserves the author’s style, eliminating inaccuracies in the wording, such as repetitions, dissonance, incompatibility errors, violation of the words sequence and the other substantial stylistic flaws. All the corrections are highlighted so that the client will see the degree of intervention.

If the text needs to be supplemented or processed, the editor points it out but does not rewrite it.

Assignment Editing Services Online

You can place your order within several minutes. It takes just a few simple actions:

  1. 1. You need to open our order form, fill it in and send it to us. You can use either the online form on our website or our e-mail. Attach the file with your text. We will estimate the cost of our editing service for the paper.
  2. 2. Give us time to analyze the paper. Within one business day, we will respond to your email. Our Quality Team will provide full information about the order. We will recommend you necessary assignment editing services, such as editing assignments + proofreading, only editing or proofreading, and the final cost. You can follow our recommendations. However, the last choice will be made by you. If you believe that you need only editing or proofreading, we will do so.
  3. 3. You will be assisted by our manager. Before creating an order, we add the details about the order. Only after you confirm that the price is suitable for you and all the details are mentioned, we will create an order.
  4. 4. We offer different payment methods. After the payment proceeds, we will start our editing tasks.

What is our Assignment Editing Help?

This is how our assignment editing help works

  1. 1. The assignment editor reads the text twice – selects noted mistakes in the record mode of corrections, then creates notes with questions or editorial options.
  2. 2. Cooperation with the customer is the key element of our work. The client responds to questions; only he or she can accept the revision.
  3. 3. Control Editing. The customer returns the file with the answers with the notes to us. The editor controls whether all comments are taken into account and re-read the text if necessary. If new questions to the author do not arise, this version of the text is sent to the proofreading.
  4. 4. Proofreading.
  5. 5. Finally – the editor controls the proofreader’s changes. As a result, the final version of the text is created and sent to the customer. The work of editing assignments English is completed.

Sometimes we interchange and combine the steps of proofreading, based on the features of a particular assignment.

Assignment Proofreading Service We Offer

Assignment proofreading service (text correction) includes spelling, punctuation and typing errors corrections. A student may just say to us “correct my assignment”, and our proofreaders will do the best for this one!

The proofreader analyses the text twice, making the recording mode of the corrections.

Stylistic (for example, repetition of cognate words) and semantic (for example, a contradiction of one sentence to another) mistakes are not the responsibility of the proofreader, but the one can make comments with questions or suggestions for improving the text, which the student takes into account or rejects on his/her own.

Technical changes include removing extra spaces, paragraph marks, line breaks, replacing the style (minus/hyphen with a typographical dash, quotation marks), etc. We can mark and correct everything, and it won’t clutter up the document.

Editorial control: before sending it to the client, the text is reviewed by the General Editor for the control of corrections and the justification of questions arising from the corrector.

We give the customer two versions of his or her assignment – with a highlighted edit and a draft. Then, our work is completed.

What is the proofreader responsible for?

  • Spelling. The corrector tracks typos and words spelling;
  • Punctuation;
  • Words order;
  • Set of spaces and non-letter characters: quotation marks, dashes, hyphens, periods in abbreviations, mathematical characters, ;
  • Spelling Consistency.

Some grammatical errors (in syntax) require reformulation of the text. In the job description of a proofreader, you can see the correction of grammar mistakes. Yes, grammar control is included in the proofreader s task. But in practice, this is an excessive expansion of proofreader s responsibilities. After all, the proofreader examines the final layout, which the editor and the author have already created. The main grammar mistakes in the text are checked and corrected by the editor.

In our company, ordering proofreading services often assumes that the specialist is left alone with the unedited paper. Therefore, its main task is to eliminate spelling, typos and punctuation errors.

If a client does not want any intervention in the assignment, then our task is reduced to proofreading for typos, spelling, and punctuation – this is a proofreading service. If the client doubts whether he or she used the correct wording or made any speech errors, then the editor is taken for verification. The corrector works with the text as dictation and the editor as with the composition.

In the English language, there exist rules that are not taught at school: you may not know about them. Therefore, an ordinary reader does not see such errors in the text, and he or she can find a mistake where everything is correct. Only an experienced proofreader will replace all the existing mistakes which may look not so clear.

Besides, there are so-called eye errors – you do not notice one or two incorrectly written letters, especially in a large text. Repeatedly re-reading the text, the eye is blurred – it is easy to take the expected letter for the real one. The corrector reads with a fresh look and finds such errors.


  1. What are the prices? – Send your file to us for a price estimate. We will analyze the text, calculate the cost and timing of the work. It does not oblige you to place an order. Send the file through the form below or by e-mail. Indicate whether proofreading or editing is needed and if you expect a trial edit. We will answer within a business day.
  2. How can I pay? – Our payment methods: by credit card; through Internet banking; by electronic money; through Unistream; etc. Contact us to find the most convenient way to pay. Our manager will assist you!
  3. How to make an order? – You can send the assignment or the fragment for evaluation through the form or by e-mail. The manager accepts the order. Our editors assess complexity. We calculate the cost, terms, after that you will receive an invoice and instructions by e-mail (how to conclude an agreement and to pay).

Wondering how quickly we can start? Contact us, and we will assist you immediately!

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