How to Communicate with Your Writer

Feb 8, 2017

How to Communicate with Your Writer

Communicating with your writer is easy: you can either contact the writer directly by messaging him/her via the control panel or contact staff for assistance.

Our system allows two major ways of communicating with your writer:

The first and the most important is the message board, located in your personalized control panel. To contact your writer, all you need to do is to click on the order to want to message on, click on the orange "Write a New Message" button and then simply type in the message you want to send to your writer. Please pay attention to the selection box, which enables you to send messages to writer and staff. It is essential for successful communication that all messages are sent to the intended recipient.

Another useful feature is the "One Touch Support Request" menu, allowing you to quickly select from the list of your active orders and message your writer directly. This function has been recently introduced to enhance usability and your overall customer experience. Please remember to correctly specify the recipient.

The second way to get in touch with your writer is via our support staff. You can do so from your personal control panel (by clicking on 'staff' as your recipient), via chat, email or phone.

Whichever the case, please remember not to include any personal information in your messages - like names, addresses, names of institutions etc. Your privacy is without a doubt, our highest priority, however, we cannot guarantee you complete privacy if personal information is given out to the third party, so please mind that this information is highly confidential.