How To Write a Thesis

Mar 2, 2017
Here is an article on the recommendations on how to write a great thesis. If you need assistance with your thesis writing, feel free to contact our friendly support team and we will gladly help you.

Thesis Definition

A thesis is a dissertation or a long essay that involves personal research of a candidate to get a university degree.


Thesis writing is not a difficult process if to follow some simple but useful steps. Here is a great set of recommendations - five effective tips that will definitely help you write a winning thesis.

Effective Recommendations on Thesis Writing

TIP 1. Before writing a thesis/dissertation you'll have to trash over a great number of materials for your research. You should start your work with the Thinking stage during which you take your time to debate different ideas for your future research project in your mind.

TIP 2. Your second step is writing down all the ideas even if they seem to be absurd and unworthy at first. When you look at them later, you may change your mind. Naturally, what you have to do next is to select those ideas that you'd like to develop in your work. To clarify whether you really are interested in this very topic or not, you can try to do a small preliminary research study. That will test your ideas and help to get prepared for a more complicated and intricate project.

TIP 3. Try not to be much agitated as for the thoughts and expectations of the others (your colleagues, academic department, etc). But you should be careful while estimating your own potential capabilities. Remember that writing a thesis/dissertation may take some 10 years or even more and this is a large period of your life. So it is desirable to define the time that you are ready to commit to your project and to draw a conventional deadline.

TIP 4. After you have selected all the data you are to do your best to get the approval of your proposal. Then you proceed to the most important and interesting part - the Writing stage. Before everything else take two or three well-organized dissertations and use them as a model for the overall style, headings and text organization of your own project.

TIP 5. Begin to write your paper with those parts that you like most and that are more or less structured in your mind. It may not be necessary Chapter One or Introduction. Begin with any part of the project you like. Make the language as clear and unambiguous as possible. Your ideas should be intelligible and transparent, so you should make an effort to express them straightaway.

Thesis Structure

  • Copyright waiver
  • Declaration
  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgments
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Middle chapters:
  1. Materials and Methods
  2. Theory
  3. Results and discussion
  • Final chapter, references, and appendices
  1. Conclusions and suggestions for further work
  2. References
  3. Appendices


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