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A research paper performed by students during an academic year is also known as a term paper. The name "term paper" is used because the paper is generally written by the students at the end of a certain term. An event, a concept, or an argument at a certain point is described in a term paper. The topic being discussed in a term paper gets covered in detail and usually contains several pages A4 and is usually performed at the end of a semester. Sometimes "term paper" and "research paper" are considered to be the same thing, but this is not really so. Term papers do not necessarily include academic research and research papers are not necessarily term papers.

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Steps for Creating a Term Paper

1. Choose your topic 

Use all your creativity in the writing process, choose the subject you're really interested in and you will have no problems in the writing process. When the topic has been chosen, you need to make sure the topic is neither too narrow nor too broad. A broad topic would be impossible to cover with the time given to perform your work. Think how you can narrow it down so that your project can really fit into the designated number of pages. Next, explore the angles that will make your content unique. Remember, whatever angle your topic contains, it should be really original and insightful. 

2. Perform your research 

You will likely get many problems if you start writing before you've performed the research. You need to be aware of the topic's background. It is required that you find out what kind of research is needed in this area and try to fill in the blanks. It is better to use two types of sources in your research:  

  • primary - original text, document, legal case, interview, experiment.
  • secondary - interpretations of the primary sources by other people. 

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You may be very familiar with your topic, but you shouldn't skip the research stage, otherwise you will learn nothing from research and the writing process, which is exactly the goal.

3. Define your thesis statement

When your research is finally finished, return to the chosen topic. Now you need to create a strong idea you'll be discussing in your paper. It is called ‘thesis statement’ and it will be the main idea you will be discussing in your paper. Construct a thesis that will reflect the most interesting idea of your research. Once you have found a suitable thesis statement, start writing your first paragraph.

4. Develop an outline for the paper 

It does give you a sense of structure, in other words, it is the skeleton of your paper, and the only thing you need to do is add "flesh to the bone". These are the basic elements of a typical outline: 

  • Introduction
  • Descriptive paragraphs 
  • Analysis and argument paragraphs 

5. Express your viewpoint in the introductory paragraph

The introductory paragraph may turn to be rather challenging but it is quite necessary. See it as a means to start your paper and use the following simple tips:

  • Engage the reader with a strong quote 
  • Introduce your topic
  • Formulate your thesis statement 

6. Convince the reader with your body paragraphs

Your paragraphs should support your statement from different angles, thus supporting your main thesis statement.

7. Conclude

The last paragraph needs great attention and also has its own message. To write a good summary:

  • Restate the thesis statement you created in the beginning
  • Use one concrete detail in your last paragraph
  • Conclude – wrap it up
  • Bring in the clincher – you give your reader a chance to create his own point of view 

You need all your talent to write a good research paper and to make it both informative and interesting. However, with a little bit of practice, you will eventually learn how to do it effectively. In case you need any additional help and support, we will be here to guide and assist you through writing your term papers. In case you need assistance place an order.

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