Plagiarism Checker: Custom Originality Report to Avoid Plagiarism

Phoenix, AZ, Nov 2015
In an effort to fight plagiarism and cheating most of the educational institutions in the world check every homework for the uniqueness of the homework content.
Students who copy their homework from the free online essay databases such as Essaysbase.com often get caught by their universities and some even suspended, or even expelled!
Thanks to the online writing services like PrivateWriting.com, it became possible to avoid being caught by ordering a custom-written content.
But how can you be sure that the paper you receive is authentic?
Does your essay writing service use such a system against their writers?
Actually, PlagCheck is our proprietary function which checks every paper against plagiarism.? When you order with PrivateWriting, we give you this extra option for free on every paper you order from us.
We use services of several leading industry service providers along with our own system which checks for authenticity against the work we produce! This assures that when your friends order the same assignment with you, each one will be unique.
Our PlagCheck service is run automatically on every paper we produce since 2009. That is why our company grows steadily for over 10 years. We are in business of delivering unique content and that is exactly what we do.
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