The history of began in 2005 when the company has launched its first website to offer the best writing services on the web. Over the course of time, the company has grown in size, establishing a number of strategic partnerships and opening locations worldwide. From the day the company was founded, an emphasis was made on providing a quality product, and this approach has proven its efficiency over years, with 87% of its customers coming back to place new orders.

We are constantly working on increasing and improving the overall quality of our pool of writers, increasing it from 32 back in 2005 to reaching a mark of 6500 in 2011. All texts, produced by them, undergo thorough plagiarism scanning procedures, where the originality of the product is ensured. The anti-plagiarism module was developed back in 2007, and it is constantly being worked on to ensure high accuracy of scanning.

Considerable investments have been made into security and data storage. The number of servers is constantly increasing to meet the strictest security requirements. Our company's servers are protected behind a corporate firewall with strict controls over internal and external access wherever possible. We use SSL (secure socket layer) to transmit sensitive information, such as your credit card number. SSL provides the highest level of encryption commercially available today for communications between a browser and a web server, sending data over the "socket" - a secure channel at the connection layer.

Starting from 2010, became a part of Insight Innovations, LLC. – a privately owned company registered in the United States with its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.