That’s not a secret to anyone that the best colleges, universities and other educational systems are located in the US, Great Britain, Australia, Canada. Parents from all over the world do everything they can to earn enough money to support their kids, to ensure their future. Many international students find it very prestigious to study in major league universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

But the sad fact is, all these universities require extensive knowledge of English, be it the American or British variant. Not every international student speaks English in his home country on an everyday basis. In fact, our studies show a figure of about 80% ESL students who do not possess the language skills required to master the first year in the university. They cannot fall short of their own dreams and parents’ dreams. Of course, after spending this year every student learns necessary language skills, but how to last that first year? What if your poor English fails you a subject that you actually know, but just can't spell it out right?

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