Start with the Assignment That Is Properly Formed

Our studies show, that most of the problems with the orders come from miscommunication and incomplete instructions. Don't expect the writer to just guess what type of research you need. Our writers are good, but they are not psychics. When communicating with the writer, make sure the writer understands what you need. Avoid copy-pasting files that you can simply attach.

Be on Top of Things

Don't expect the writer to do all the work for you. This service is not for cheating at the university, it is to help you better learn and understand the subject. Just think of it as a walk-through in a game. You like the game, but one of the levels is too hard, that is exactly what we do: we help you win the game. But we will not play the whole game for you. So if you really want to succeed, you have to understand what the writer develops for you, or at least try to understand it, it will make us very happy.F

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Prompt Response Is a Key to a Successful Collaboration with Your Writer

When the writer is asking you something, try to respond as soon as you see the message. Don't forget about staff. We are the ones responsible for the quality of your assignment, we take the financial responsibility for our writers. However, we currently employ over 7 000 writers (yes, over seven thousand!). With this number of people it is hard to memorize every writer, and unfortunately, some of our writers are less responsible than others.

Even though we will prosecute any unprofessional behavior, it will not fix a missed deadline and a ruined grade. Thus, we ask for your cooperation in this matter. If you see that the writer is not responsive, or gives you promises without sending you even a rough draft, it might be a symptom of a deadbeat writer. In this case, you should immediately notify the staff about your concerns. If our support team knows this writer and acting this way is his/her normal behavior, but he/she is a good writer who provides professional research, they will send you a calming message. If, however, this is a new writer and he decided to back out, staff will do a quick reassign to someone more reliable and professional, which will save you the assignment, and save us the client (you). That is also an example of successful collaboration.