A dissertation is an exhaustive academic experience, the successful completion of which demonstrates the candidate’s ability to address a major intellectual problem and arrive at an independent, successful conclusion at a high level of professional competence.

What Is a Dissertation

A dissertation is an exhaustive academic experience, the successful completion of which demonstrates the candidate’s ability to address a major intellectual problem and arrive at an independent, successful conclusion at a high level of professional competence. Its results constitute an original contribution to knowledge in your field of study. Writing a dissertation is undertaking a big step towards your future academic career, and each student deciding to take the challenge inevitably faces certain complications on the way. If you feel blocked at the very beginning of the process, stall midway through, or lack compelling material then you have come to the right place for the most comprehensive academic assistance.


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Custom Dissertation

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To give an example of our knowledge and expertise, several of our researchers put together a brief overview of what the dissertation should encompass:

  • Hypothesis
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions

The purpose of a hypothesis is to organize a study. If the hypothesis is carefully formed, all the steps of the scientific method follow. The hypothesis provides the structure. It should be an especially well-formed sentence which proposes a relationship between two or more variables.


The next part, known as the literature review, comprises the number of sources used for the paper’s citation and research, and an overview of previous research on the topic related to the one proposed in the dissertation. As the APA manual states, a “scholarly review of earlier work provides an appropriate history and recognizes the priority of the work of others. Citation of and specific credit to relevant earlier works is part of the author’s scientific and scholarly responsibility” (p. 11). The review should focus only on literature and conclusions directly pertinent to the subject and the problem addressed in the dissertation. Any pilot work done should be described in this chapter. This chapter should also present the specific hypotheses or research questions to be addressed by the dissertation, clearly relating these to the lines of investigation and conjecture detailed in the current literature.

The methodology section of the dissertation requires a detailed explanation of the methods, tools, procedures and subject population used while conducting the research. It should build on the description of methods outlined in the proposal. Labeled subsections similar to those in the proposal should be addressed. The subsections may include a description of participants or subjects, tests or other measurement procedures undertaken with the participants, and limitations of the methodology. (The descriptions of the analyses which appeared in the proposal are usually incorporated in the results section of the dissertation).

In the discussion section, the results are summarized, evaluated and interpreted with respect to the original research questions and hypotheses. In this section, the investigator is free to examine, interpret, and qualify the results, as well as to draw inferences from them. Theoretical and practical consequences of the results and the validity of conclusions may appropriately be discussed in this section. The limitations of the study and suggestions for future work may also be addressed.

Many consider the final part, the conclusion, to be the most important. The author states whether the hypothesis was proved or not and discusses the importance of the research and future findings.

The overall value of the dissertation is estimated by a number of important criteria which must represent the cumulative effort of educational experience, including the format, substance, an impressive and appropriate command of language, quality of source and citing, and the presentation itself. Even simple mistakes might lead to its disapproval. Which is why we at Privatewriting.com, with our experience, resources, and methodology, can assist with the successful completion of your dissertation.


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