Writing a Thesis

Writing a thesis – putting together a scholarly paper, elaborating on original research, arguments etc. Writing a thesis is required for the completion of an academic degree.

Thesis Definition

A thesis is a dissertation or a long essay that involves personal research of a candidate to get a university degree.

Top 6 Thesis Writing Tips

Writing a thesis/dissertation takes much time, that is why it is recommended to organize your work straightforward from the very beginning. But it is not a difficult process if to follow some simple but useful steps. Here is a great set of recommendations – six effective tips that will definitely help you write a winning thesis.

TIP 1. You should keep careful notes about your work. Even if some of the notions and ideas seem wasted, you should reconsider them later and your notes will be helpful at this point.

TIP 2. As soon as you have printed a draft of a chapter you will understand that some changes are necessary. The second draft will be surely also changed. So after some time, you will inevitably face the problem of sorting out which of the drafts is the latest one. The best solution is to print each draft of your dissertation/thesis on a different color paper.

TIP 3. If there are tables in your project be sure to explain the data represented in them in the text. Sometimes the results are so obvious for the author of the paper, who spent his/her last 2-3 years investigating this topic, that he/she doesn’t even assume that the reader may not understand the matter. So try to organize and present your material in an understandable way.

TIP 4. Be careful while writing a section Conclusions/Implications for it should enable the reader to understand what your research means and not just rewrite what has already been written preceding chapters. To write the conclusions take a rest for 2-3 days and meditate on the possible presentation of the results.

TIP 5. Check all citations and carefully document the historical progression of various results.

TIP 6. When you are on the ending stage, reread the first chapter of your project to make sure it includes all the concepts and ideas necessary for the understanding of the final results.


Note: Writing a thesis/dissertation requires a majority of your time, so you should not forget that it can influence your health enormously. Pay attention to such details as a comfortable chair, the right position of your computer, illumination, etc. Get regular exercise instead of coffee or drugs to concentrate/relax. Try to eat healthy food and don’t become too much obsessed with your project? There are many remarkable moments in life that you wouldn’t like to miss because of your thesis.

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