Scholarly Articles Broaden the Student’s Outlook

Scholarly Articles Broaden the Student’s Outlook

The student in higher education may ask: Beyond being required to incorporate them into my essays and papers, how are academic articles important? How exactly can they enhance my understanding of a subject? And don’t I get plenty of information from a course’s textbook?

So Why Are They Important?

A scholarly article is a short document written by an expert to convey and explore new information on a given subject. They are sources of high-quality information written by experts in a certain field – experts, by the way, who may have dedicated their entire life or career to exploring a subject. Scholarly articles, usually published by an academic press, are most always subject to a peer-review process, which means that in order for an article of this sort to be published a specialist or expert in the field must first evaluate its content, sources, and argument or analysis for quality and originality. This means that ALL the information conveyed in a scholarly article is credible, accurate and therefore beneficial to the student’s understanding of a subject and its real-world relevance and current applications.

To put it plainly, scholarly articles, which are found in academic periodicals, are very advantageous to the student. Indeed most students will familiarize themselves with scholarly articles because students are generally required to include them in their research, their essays and their papers; students are usually required to evaluate an article’s content to expand on the topics they themselves are making in their academic work.

But scholarly articles can also provide the student – perhaps one who may be struggling with grasping a subject or topic – with a general understanding of a subject. In some cases a textbook may only provide a student with a limited perspective on a topic or issue – while the scholarly article may offer differing viewpoints on a subject, perhaps providing both sides to a controversial subject, as well as explaining which side is more practical and why.

They provide the student with the most up-to-date information on a subject, are good sources for generating ideas for papers and presentations, and are often briefer and sometimes easier to comprehend than maybe a textbook’s stale, one-sided and outdated approach in explaining a subject.

Rather than providing a simple overview of the subject, which is the case with most textbooks, scholarly articles examine a subject, topic or issue in a practical way. An article of this sort reports on original research or experimentation, the kind usually only generalized in a textbook, and expands on that information and looks at a subject more in depth. The enduring purpose of these kinds of articles is to be made available to the rest of the scholarly or academic world.

Scholarly articles can broaden a student’s understanding of a given subject or topic because those writing them are required to list the sources they used to write their article, in the form of footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies. The student looking to expand their knowledge on a subject can then look up any combination of these used sources, read them thoroughly, and as result will begin to familiarize themselves with a topic on several different levels.

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