Diets Don’t Help to Lose Weight

There’s More to Losing Weight Than Eating Less

Change Your Lifestyle!

Ask any thin adult on the street if they diet. Go ahead – we’ll wait. … They don’t diet, we told you so. They don’t follow gluten-free diets, diets without bread, or sugar-free diets either. Thin people don’t fast and skip meals and eat like birds. Thin people eat, actually, rather wholesomely and, well, quite a bit. What can help a person lose weight is exercising, eating healthily and mindfully. These are the keys to losing weight – not dieting on the newest celebrity-backed nutrition trends. It comes down to one’s lifestyle, discipline and foresight, and making the right decisions about what their body does, as well as good decisions about what they put in their body. Dieting doesn’t work. Lifestyle changes help lose weight.

Exercise a lot!

What helps a person, any person, lose weight is exercise – and rigorous exercise. This is jogging or walking briskly for 30 minutes three to five times a week. This is hitting the weight room for an hour three to four times a week. A person needs to move their body because the majority of us life sedentary lives – mostly because of our jobs, which require computers. Rigorous exercise every other day improves one’s metabolism, the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life; the breakdown of complex substances and the consequent production of energy and waste matter. A person with a strong metabolism is generally thin and can consume a great deal of food – they burn it off quickly, the burn many of the unwanted calories they consume in a given day. That’s why exercise is important: it increases the metabolic rate in a person’s body, which makes losing weight easier and more attainable. Diets don’t help lose weight; exercise does.

Diets may help some folks lose weight – but you can actually lose weight by eating more. That’s right. Diets like Weight Watchers do more harm than good. They require the dieter to eat pre-packaged food that lacks in nutrition and substance. People don’t need that to be healthy and thin. People, to be healthy and thin, need to eat a well-balanced diet – with lots of greens, fruits and proteins, which is what a person’s body needs to function and person at its optimal level. Moderation is good for losing weight, instead of over-eating to the point of discomfort. Foods like cucumbers, leafy greens and berries provide a person energy, but also contain vitamins and minerals that burn fat – such as B vitamins: niacin – and provide a lot of fiber. Fiber is a dietary material containing substances such as cellulose, lignin, and pectin, that are resistant to the action of digestive enzymes. Foods with fiber keep digestion on track, delivering waste via bowel movements. This, in turn, maintains a person’s waste. People need protein, too. It helps build muscles and also prevents a person from cravings, as the protein takes longer to digest. People, to lead healthy, fit lives, need to exercise and eat nutritiously.

Eat Not Less But Mindfully!

To lose weight, people must eat mindfully and with a plan. Eating well takes planning – research, grocery lists, discipline, and sacrifice – and it’s not necessarily cheap either. But the majority of fruits and veggies are sold relatively cheap in markets and grocery stores. Though meats are a bit more expensive to purchase in quality. Nonetheless, there are many alternatives to meat as one’s only source of protein. In any rate, a person – for their metabolism to kick in full gear, to burn calories early in the day – should eat a big, wholesome breakfast every day, lots of protein, fruit, and grains; perhaps a snack later, dark chocolate or a piece of fruit. Secondly, a moderate lunch, not as large as breakfast – but still with protein and veggies or fruit, maybe a little bread. For dinner, a French dinner: moderate-sized portions, perhaps more veggies than protein. This basically illustrates a pyramid, with the bottom, the widest portion representing breakfast. But it takes preparation, foresight, and diligence to eat like this – so you lose maximum weight.

In conclusion, don’t diet; it doesn’t work. Lifestyle changes help lose weight. Exercising vigorously each week, eating healthily and mindfully – these are the keys to losing weight. Just look at an Olympic athlete. They don’t diet. They burn thousands of calories training each day – but yet they eat like kings. Thin people don’t live by Kate Moss’s famous quote, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”



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