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Seasonal Effects in Stock Markets

Read about how the seasons of the year affect the prices at stock markets. Prices in stock markets around the world are mostly driven by rapid changes in relevant information. But certain seasonal and calendar-related trends, and trends that have very little to do with…

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The Invisible Hand

‘Invisible hand’ is the term first introduced by Adam Smith and it refers to the balancing force that creates mutually beneficial exchange for everyone. The invisible hand is a term attributed to the 18th-century economist Adam Smith and appears in his landmark 1776 book, The…

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45 Topics for Term Paper Writing

The list of the most trending term paper topics of 2017 covers three difficulty levels: hard, medium & easy on the following subjects: Politics, Health, Medicine, Science, and General topics. In case you are working on a term paper or are simply looking for a…

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The PEST analysis is a tool for assessing the broad environment in which a firm operates and is trying to compete, and the model is probably best-known for providing a virtual alphabet soup of acronyms. PEST is an acronym for Political/Economic/Sociocultural/Technological; other variants include PESTEL…

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Write My Papers in APA: An Example

APA stands for American Psychological Association, which is the largest scientific professional organization of psychologists in North America. The association has developed its own formatting style, which is called APA and is mostly used when writing essays, research papers in social & natural sciences. If…

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A Book Report vs. a Book Review

The difference between book report and book review is critical, so you have to pay close attention to what you are expected to come up with: if you need to sum up and enumerate, you’re in for a book summary (book report), but if you…

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Social Media Words and Phrases in the Academic World

Hashtag: #RuinAFriendShipin5Words Social Media Words and Phrases in the Academic World Slang and Shortened Words are Too Casual and Vague to Others Slang words like “cops” and “pigs”, phrases similar to “It’s cool”, and shortened words such as texting terms (“r u”, “2moro”, etc.) are…

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The Value of Academic Debate

Decision-making (i.e parliamentary, presidential, etc.) and competitive debate (i.e. academic) are two major types of debate. In the United States, the major forms of competitive debate in high school include Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, and Public Forum Debate. For better academic debate you need to…

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The Common Problems Faced by Students in School

Student social media users mentioned many interesting problems they faced in school. The majority of this #StudentProblems101 are classroom problems such as difficulty in understanding lessons, humiliation, stress, and boredom. Personal problems, on the other hand, include sleep deprivation and miserable weekends and holidays due…

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Cost-Free Sample of an Expository Essay

They say that friends are the family you can choose. It’s also an invisible shield that keeps you warm on a cold day. Read about the qualities of a great friend and think whether you are the one. What Is an Expository Essay? An expository…

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