Ideas for Successful Collaboration

Assignments that are set up well at the beginning tend to be the most successful. Our studies show that most problems occur because of incomplete or poorly worded instructions. Our writers are very talented but they aren’t exactly mind-readers. It’s better to be overly specific with your requirements instead of assuming the writer will know exactly what research you need them to do. It’s always a good idea to confirm with the writer before they start writing that they are confident they know what you need. That way you can clear up any confusion before it impacts the assignment.


Be prepared to routinely follow up with the writer as they work on your assignment. Don’t expect the writer to do all the work for you. Our services are not for cheating in your classes. Rather, they are meant to help you learn and understand your topic. Like a video game walkthrough, our writers are there to help you navigate especially hard levels with instructions and guidance. They aren’t going to play the game for you. So make sure you understand what the writer is developing for you and reach out to them immediately if you find something is confusing or unclear.

[img]Big Three: You, Writer and Support

Responding promptly to your writer’s questions is another key to successful collaboration. When a writer has a question for you try to get back to them as soon as you see their message. The same goes for staff. If you bring an issue to us, try to maintain open, timely communication while we work to fix the problem.

Here is a short summary of quick and dirty tips:

  • Be precise about what you want, prepare your assignment description;
  • Maintain contact with your writer at all times;
  • Do let us know in case your writer is not responding do your messages;
  • Keep track of the order progress as your paper is being written;
  • Ask for drafts of your paper so that you can make sure your paper is on the right track.

We will always prosecute unprofessional or unsatisfactory behavior from our writers. However, this process will not fix a missed deadline or a ruined grade for you. So taking steps to prevent problems from arising will benefit you in the long run.

Immediately let a staff member know if your writer is not responsive, does not provide a rough draft after committing to the project or is in any other way showing signs that they don’t intend to complete your assignment. Our staff can smooth out misunderstandings or assign you a new writer if needed.

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