Download Sites Violate Copyright Rules

Many years ago technology wasn’t as popular as it is today. At most there may have been one computer in the home that the family had to share, the Internet wasn’t wireless… you had to utilize your phone line in order to get on the Internet. Cell phones weren’t popular, at best there were two phone lines in your home and there were cordless phones that could be used. There may have been cable television, but not every room had a television in it. And there definitely weren’t any sites that you could get to in order to download things such as movies and music.

How do Download Sites Violate Copyright Rules?

Download sites have become very popular for many people to utilize these days. It’s a lot easier to get to these download sites with wireless Internet, everyone having a tablet, smart phone, smart television and so much other technology of their own. But what many people, that do utilize these download sites don’t take into consideration, is that these very download sites they are using violate copyright rules. Download sites violate copyright rules because these sites allow people to copy and get the media from the Internet that has been copyrighted without paying for it and without gaining permission from the person that did copyright the media.

When You Download Content Without Paying for It, You’re Committing a Crime

Anytime there is a form of media that has been marketed or produced, those that are involved in the process of doing so, get paid from the sale of the media content that has been produced. While they are producing that media they become the owners of it and at the end of the production – copyright the media. The process of copyrighting says that the media cannot be reproduced, copied or resold without the permission of those that produced this very media. No matter what format the media is in… whether it is music, a movie or games; if it is copyrighted you must pay to download it. If you are getting any form of media from a site that allows downloads without paying for it, you are committing a crime. It is also a crime if you share the music, movie or game without permission from the person or people that copyrighted the media. It’s not okay to just get the media format without getting permission from the copywriter. The exact crime that is being committed is copyright infringement. In short, you are interfering with the exclusive rights that only belong to the person that is the copyright owner. If you choose to reproduce, display, distribute or even try to perform the work that has been copyrighted and protected by the owner you are performing copyright infringement.

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As much as some don’t like to admit, there are people that are watching out for people that are committing copyright infringement by downloading media from these download sites. There are certain groups that are monitoring these sites like these ones: the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).These are groups that are put in place just to monitor the illegal download. Although these groups tend to focus a lot of their attention on universities and colleges, they also look at repeat users and track where they are. Once they see who is downloading the media that has been copyrighted, they get in touch with the university or college (if it is someone that is a student). They let them know that illegal downloading is taking place, the school then tracks the student down and the authorities can begin legal action and in a lot of cases, they will seek ramifications from the person that has downloaded from the sites illegally. Those that aren’t students get reported to local authorities and the same actions are taken place with them as with the students.

What Are the Consequences?

As a result, you should pay for the illegally downloaded media. Although it may not seem like it, if you are found guilty of copyright infringement there are a lot of things that you could be facing. You could have to do up to five years in jail. There may also be fines charged to you… in a lot of cases those fines could be up to $150,000 for each file that you have downloaded. And if the copyright holder decides to file a legal suit against you, you could have more legal fees that you would have to pay.

These sites aren’t safe for anyone involved. You don’t want to continue to download media from these sites. If you are found, you don’t want to have to endure the consequences that may follow. Although it seems like it’s easy and that you’ll get away with it, you don’t want to take the chances that you will get caught performing this illegal act.

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