Dissertation Methodology

Awesome Tips for Writing a Dissertation Methodology

The dissertation is one of the tasks that cause college scholars’ sleepless nights. This paper is lengthy and has several sections that scholars need to encounter, among them the dissertation methodology. The section is basically where a scholar shows how the data was collected while conducting the study. It is usual for scholars to get stuck in this section.

Thus in this text, we provided some useful guidelines for crafting this section successfully. We also offer assistance to students struggling to compose this section of their dissertation or even the whole paper.

Some Basics on Methodology Chapter Dissertation

The methodology is among the most critical sections of this paper. It is common for scholars to place it after the literature review. The main aim is to describe the research design used. To succeed in crafting the methodology chapter dissertation, a scholar needs to identify the correct method of research. Standard methods include interviews, questionnaires, observation, and even document analysis. The goals of your study should guide you in selecting the most effective method to use.

The methodology section differs depending on the type of dissertation. There are qualitative dissertations, quantitative dissertations, or even mixed-method dissertations, which are a combination of the above two. A qualitative research methodology for dissertation mainly uses words, and its process is more valued in comparison with the outcome.

In research, a student also has to choose whether they prefer primary or secondary research. It’s because each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For one, a scholar who has a secondary research methodology dissertation mostly has to use past data that was collected by another person.

In the primary research, the researcher collected the data themselves. The advantage of primary research over secondary is that it can meet their needs, specifically from the collected data. Secondary research, on the other hand, may not meet the needs of the researcher directly.

However, a scholar who chooses the secondary data dissertation methodology will find that the research they conduct will not become as expensive as when making use of primary research.

Essentials of a Dissertation Methodology Structure

Outlining a dissertation is essential since it helps keep scholars from straying away from the main points. A dissertation methodology outline should encompass these segments:

  • Philosophy segment

In this part, present the philosophy that supports the investigation. Many philosophies can be presented here. The most common are positivism, interpretivism, and post-positivism. Choose what is most valuable in your study.

  • The research context

Here, you have your dissertation survey methodology. The objective is to provide answers to the questions: what, where, when, how, and why. Also, highlight whether qualitative or quantitative methods will be employed.

  • Strategy of research

Here, the researcher demonstrates how data collection was attained. Alternatively, you are required to specify if the facts will be qualitative or quantitative. As well, highlight approaches for collecting data and justify choosing the technique.

  • Collection of facts and analysis

In this segment, you showcase the techniques employed in gathering facts and the approach for analyzing them to obtain a suitable judgment.

  • Limitations, Ethics, Reliability, Validity

It is the part where you, as the researcher, explores the ethical considerations associated with the investigation, and the level of dependability of the study. Also, how effective the research was in accomplishing the goals and the aspects that limited the investigation.

A dissertation methodology structure may vary across different institutions, but the above components are similar. The arrangement of some of these components, however, might be different, but a student should have all of them.

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