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For any student that is about to write a dissertation, there is a lot of information that you have to assemble ensure your paper includes the relevant data for a dissertation. You also have to make sure that your work is well-researched and then it’s going to be clearly structured. Here are a few tips to guide you through the dissertation writing process.

What Is a Dissertation?

You might ask, “What is a dissertation and how do I set it up?” It’s best to read through sample instructions first so you understand how to read your dissertation and the difference between a dissertation and the thesis to help guide you in your work. Dissertations, so that you know, are the documents that are going to be required for you to earn your Ph.D. This document is going to be something that will generally be published but it also is going to help you to specialize in your particular field of study.

You may be wondering what a completed dissertation looks like. There are plenty in the library for you to peruse. When you examine them, notice how varied they are. But student life is too short to spend it in libraries, you can always count on us – our professional writers will gladly help you to conduct research.

Thesis vs. Dissertation

The dissertation is not the same as writing a thesis because a thesis is on a smaller scale and it’s something that’s required for graduate school. This is not the same as a dissertation which is required for your Ph.D. to get your doctorate.

To give you a better understanding of the difference between a dissertation and a thesis, your dissertation is a very lengthy document that will help you get your doctoral degree at the particular college or university that you’re studying at. When you study for a thesis, and you want to prepare a thesis, this is completely different because it’s a smaller paper that’s going to help you to support a particular argument. You may look for research on a topic and expand upon that based on what you find online and other information.

How to Structure and Outline a Dissertation?

In understanding how to structure an outline a dissertation, there are several key steps to consider and that’s one of the reasons why you want to take your time and set up all of the different parameters so that way you have all of the information that you need. Your dissertation outline is going to help guide you through your work. That’s why you need a thorough understanding of how it needs to be structured because you actually need an outline which is more like a linear plan that’s going to guide you through.

In terms of how to structure your dissertation, you want to definitely be organized in your work, because there a lot of different sections that you have to work on. You want to build the language for your work and you also want to look at the different types of academic supporting documents you are going to use in your dissertation.

How to Write a Dissertation?

In understanding how to write a dissertation, there are a lot of different areas that you can tap into, but it’s best to go from the introduction to the conclusion to help you to better understand how to draft your paper in a streamlined way so that it structured and it’s clearly focused.

Introduction. The introduction is where you want to discuss what the topic is and why you are studying it. You can also mention what your focus is.

Research Question. You are going to have a research question and this is going to be the area where you’re going to ask a question and you going to explain and define all of the terms that you’re going to use throughout your dissertation.

Literature References. You’re going to outline the particular parameters of literature that you’re using so this is the area where you’re going to have your literature references. As you can see this is already different from a thesis paper or a regular research paper where you would have your references at the end because this is the section where you’re going to include your key references, and who is behind any underlying theoretical ideas that you might be using.

Research Methodologies. You are going to have your research methodologies. This will be the area where you may decide how you want to argue your paper and whether not you want to use pros and cons, where you pick one side versus the other. You may want to stress the analysis of the particular data that you’re using, and you may want to use the presentation of your data in terms of explaining what you found in the results that you were able to come up with.

Supporters. This is a section that’s devoted to supporters for the document. You may have counter arguments that you found in your research that goes against your beliefs or states how their opinion is worded and conclusions that they came to. You can also point out your own point of view and then your argument to support your beliefs and what you may find in common with other theorists and what they come up with.

Conclusions. You’re going to go into your conclusions and you’re also going to discuss whether or not there is a need for further research. This is the segue for other students who may come behind you and work on your paper to develop their own dissertation.

Bibliography and Appendixes. This is the area for your bibliography and your appendix. Any additional information that you add is going to be in this section and you’re going to include it here. List all of the references and the different types of materials that you were able to use whether that were online videos or interviews.

Dissertation Writing Tips

When you write your dissertation, it has to be well organized and you also have to be very well versed in the language that you use and how you word your document. It is also very important that you keep track of your information. You also need to keep track of any areas where you found a gap in information or areas that you were not able to get research if you trying to prove a point and you couldn’t draw a conclusion from it. You need to state this in your work.

The Dos and Don’ts of the Dissertation Writing Process

Because your dissertation can be up to about a hundred thousand words, this is a very lengthy document that’s almost the size of a book. That’s why it has to be well-organized and it has to be very in depth. You also have to know how to write on this level to help you to get from one section to the next. There are a few dos you should focus on:

You do want to consider your time management skills in assessing how your work will be laid out so that way you can clearly structure it and focus your time.

As you work on your dissertation, you also want to take regular breaks and intervals to keep track of the work that you’re doing and also to allow large blocks of time so that you can focus on different sections to keep it consistent all throughout.


You want to make sure you understand the purpose of your dissertation because it is a thing it is based on your ability to understand research and also offer insightful ideas into the research that you’re finding. In terms of the various types of don’ts as it relates to your dissertation, you want to make sure that you’re giving enough time to the dissertation and the work that you have to assemble, so don’t wait until the last minute. You also want to ensure that you are giving the research enough time, so don’t forget to set up a timeline and outline. You will need ample time to measure the data you’re collecting and you want to make sure that you’re developing tests that are going to coincide with and correspond to the particular hypothesis that you’re coming up with as you have to account for various variables. Because you do want to make sure that you’re allocating enough time for the work at hand, don’t take this work lightly.

Jumping ahead, what does a faculty member look for in a proposal?

  • It should be well-written
  • Organized, with a logical flow
  • Concise, but also complete
  • Good grammar

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