Book Report Format: Top Juicy Ideas on How to Format Your Book Report

A book report should consist of the following major elements: introduction, body, conclusion.

When given a task of writing a book report most students give a deep sigh in response. The reason for this is quite simple – they are just not sure where to start and feel overwhelmed. In the meantime, writing book reports can be fun, and we are serious about it!


book report is usually done in a form of a regular essay and is generally similar to a common essay format. A book report should consist of the following major elements: introduction, body, conclusion.


When you are working on a book report, you need to introduce your book to the reader. You should mention the author, the title and the year the book was written in. Sometimes it helps a lot when you also mention the circumstances that influenced or inspired the author to write the book you are writing about. This move will benefit you in several ways: first, it will be interesting for the reader and secondly, it will show your professor/marker that you took those extra pains and researched the background of the book.



Although there is no strict requirement onto the contents of the body of the book report body (reminder: the common 5 paragraph essay should contain 3 body paragraphs), it is a good idea to repeat the same pattern in your writing. Describe major characters, use quotes from the book and/or examples that illustrate their personalities. You can dedicate a separate paragraph to each character; that way you will have three paragraphs to make up the body of your book report. It’s a good idea to discuss the plot of the book, say a few words about its major symbols, themes & motifs, and slowly exit out towards the conclusion.


This should be the final part of your book report. Use logical words and other connectors to ensure text coherence and cohesion. Remember your conclusion when working on your introduction and writing your body paragraphs. The key idea is to introduce your key point in the topic sentence of the introduction part, then elaborate on that idea in the body of your book report and then come to the logical denouement of your paper by reiterating the ideas of the introduction and the body in the conclusion section of your paper. Since you are writing a book report, you could say a few words about the overall impression of the book e.g. whether it achieves your goal, whether it’s interesting or boring and whether or not you could recommend it to other readers.


This is a basic book report format. If your professor/marker has not specified your requirements, you are free to use the text above as a guideline while working on your own book report. Every teaching institution and even every teacher might send you his/her own requirements, so you need to rely on them for better results. Feel free to contact our writers if you need any kind of help with your writing tasks, starting from book report writing to book analysis and review. We are always here to guide you through. Just place an order and we will gladly help you.



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