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Top 70 Art Essay Topics to Write Your Impressive Art Essay

Dec 15, 2017
Here is a list of top art essay topics, grouped by the kind of art. You will find them helpful while working on your art essay.

Whenever you are working on writing an essay about art, you might find it difficult to select a topic that you could freely write about. Here is how it happens: the problem (in this case the essay topic) seems to be easy at first, and you are happy to accept the challenge. Then, as you start working on it, you find that there is not enough information on the topic or the topic is simply not interesting to you. So at some point, you want to change the topic of your art essay. In order to avoid such situations, please review the list of art essay topics below. All topics have been grouped by kinds of art to make the selection process easier for you. 

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Based on experience, our writers have formed a list of the most popular topics to write your art essay on.


  1. Does the genre of music really define a person? 
  2. Is rap music really influential regarding teen behavior? 
  3. How much are people actually influenced by the type of music they listen to? 
  4. Does music have an effect on daily performance in school or at work? 
  5. How does music affect one's mood? 
  6. Why do influences from music affect a person mentally? 
  7. Rock and Roll music influences drug and alcohol abuse.
  8. Rap music condones promiscuity, drug use, and ignorant behavior. 
  9. Jazz music was considered to be Devil's music.
  10. Does censorship really impede on the right to have freedom of expression? 
  11. Does religion play a role in music selection? 
  12. Stereotypes from band choices define your behavior.
  13. Michael Jackson used controversy to gain attention and publicity.


  1. Impressionism era was a way for untalented artists to earn a living. 
  2. Picasso's concepts were better than Matisse's. 
  3. Viewers always know what the artist was thinking in a painting. 
  4. Da Vinci is far superior to Rembrandt in style and ability. 
  5. Primates cannot produce meaningful pieces of art. 
  6. Abstract art leaves no room for a definitive deciphering of the theme. 
  7. Paintings containing nudity are in poor taste. 
  8. Modern art paintings are more graphic and visually appealing than items from the Impressionism period. 
  9. Those that prefer horror or gore scenes are mentally disturbed. 
  10. Caricatures displayed in cartoonish themes display immaturity and the inability to perceive reality. 


  1. Ancient Roman structures are more aesthetically pleasing than those in Ancient Greece. 
  2. Many architectural designs stem from religious buildings. 
  3. Copying a design based upon old relics defines good architects. 
  4. Modern designs with intricate designs are more important than structural soundness. 
  5. Urban architecture insists that vandals will deface the building. 
  6. How does the placement of a structure define the area around it?. 
  7. Does building an eye-catching or unstable structure really bring fame? 
  8. Thinking out of the box does not always result in a functional structure. 
  9. Is copyrighting an architectural design really necessary? 
  10. Does the artistic architectural design of a structure hinder the success of a business? 

Performing Arts

  1. Operas are only dramatic with subtitles. 
  2. Anyone can act in theatrical offerings on stage with lessons. 
  3. How do actors and actresses make themselves cry? 
  4. Theatrical performances are more dramatic than Operas. 
  5. Why does the theme of a play determine the type of audience? 
  6. How do audiences distinguish storylines of the same concept from another? 
  7. The romance sector of performing arts is overstated and overused. 
  8. Violence portrayed based upon real events leads to additional tragedies occurring. 
  9. Why do audiences often leave theatrical performances confused regarding the material portrayed? 


  1. Completing nude sculptures insinuates perversion. 
  2. Abstract sculptures become conversational pieces out of confusion. 
  3. Sculpting from non-traditional items determines a sculptor's experience. 
  4. French sculpture artists have more talent than Austrian sculpture artists.
  5. Sculpting structures from ice is not a practical art.
  6. Why can the story behind the sculpture title The Kiss be fabricated or poorly interpreted negatively easily? 
  7. Is Michelangelo’s sculpture Pieta truly realistic in terms of the message it sends? 
  8. Why doesn't the sculpture The Thinker truly depict Dante peering toward the Gates of Hell? 
  9. Are nude sculptures really offensive and why would they consider to be? 
  10. Sculptures of human bodies are often seen as perverse or offensive for the wrong reasons. 


  1. Contemporary dance is difficult to understand with varying interpretations possible. 
  2. Only Latin Americans or Latin Natives can properly execute salsa dancing.
  3. The style of hip hop dance and its attire display rigidity from negative lyrics or situations. 
  4. Ballet is more appealing than Contemporary dance. 
  5. The connection displayed between a dance couple determines the success of a routine. 
  6. Why some types of dance require acting and theatrical skills. 
  7. Comparing freestyle against choreographed routines to determine artistic and interpretive values. 
  8. How do the outfits worn by dancers help to perceive the characters portrayed easier? 

Culinary Arts

  1. Italian food is better than American classics.
  2. Healthy eating is bland and boring.
  3. Those that attend culinary arts colleges are more skilled than hands-on trained chefs. 
  4. Thai food is always spicy.
  5. Studying one type of cuisine is better than learning several. 
  6. Mario Batali is a better chef than Anne Burrell.
  7. Bobby Flay is a better grilling expert than Tim Love. 
  8. Cooking with any kind of oil is unhealthy. 
  9. Classic recipes cannot be modernized. 
  10. How does someone cook defines their eating habits?

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